A Beginners Guide to WordPress Blogging

WordPress Blogging 101 – A Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Blogs


Marketing Basics for the Newbie.

Learn to set up a WordPress blog.

Choose a domain name.

wordpress blogging


Pick a Web-hosting provider.  Click Here

Install WordPress and get ready to install plugins and customizations.

Get a WordPress theme that best fits your site content and that has a good look and feel for your blog.

Add WordPress plug-ins and customize it to suit your needs and requirements.

Add security measures so that your personal information and passwords are protected.

Create a back-up of all your important information before installing any plugins, themes, or plugins that you may need later.

Set up your blog for WordPress marketing.

The right advertising campaign can increase your traffic, sales, and revenue.

Learn the basics of SEO.

To track your statistics, such as visits, hits, traffic, and conversions, use Google Analytics and other related tools. Optimize your website. Make sure that your website design and functionality are suitable for your needs and requirements. Add tags to your blog posts, which will help search engines find your blog. In general, tag your posts according to key terms and keywords. Tag your articles so that they rank high for relevant searches.

Keyword Optimization is one way to increase your popularity. If you have a blog, optimize it for search engine crawlers by using Google AdSense and other related tools. Use Meta tags, descriptions and title tags to give the reader some idea of the contents of your blog.

Using a free keyword tool will show you how many people are looking for what you have to say on your site. This gives you an idea about keywords and how much competition there is.

Finally, in a nutshell, WordPress Blogging is a great learning experience. Don’t just jump into it without doing your homework. You can start writing posts with ease; you can start writing blogs as you go along.

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Blogging, of course, isn’t the only way to make money online. There are thousands of online businesses, some of which pay well; others that are not that profitable.

However, if you want to take the plunge and become an online business owner, it’s best that you learn the ropes first. Learn how to maximize your time, money and effort.

So go out and start blogging! You’ll be glad that you did!

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