10 Signs You Are Being A Victim

10 Signs You Are Being A Victim

Ten Signs You Are Being A Victim

  1. You are angry or unsatisfied with your life, business or relationships and counter it by constantly complaining about your life.
  2. You blame other people for your situation, for things that have happened to you in the past or are happening to you presently.
  3. You always focus on the problem instead of asking yourself, what is the solution?
  4. You surround yourself in a veil of negative energy for long periods of time and find yourself getting it back directly or indirectly, which causes you even more discomfort.
  5. You stay in your comfort zone all the time to try to avoid pain. The only problem is, being in your comfort zone all the time ends up giving you more pain than ever.
  6. You start looking for the next lotto ticket, charity, benefit or get rich quick scheme in the hope that it will keep you comfortable with as little effort as possible.
  7. You start saying things about other successful people instead of using your pain to motivate you to do something. You come up with all these reasons or excuses why you don’t want to be or need to get better, richer, happier, healthier or improve your relationships.
  8. You start hanging around with other victims constantly. Birds of a feather love to flock together.
  9. You try to escape temporarily from your discomfort on a regular basis instead of facing your hurdles and solving your challenges. After a while it becomes a permanent habit.
  10. You try to justify all the reasons why you are in your current state. Most of the time you also justify all the reasons why you cannot change it.

If any of this stuff resonates with you or you know someone it may sound like, then here are a few things you can do!

But only if you want to change of course.

  1. See a therapist.
  2. Make a list of things you want to achieve in your life.

A. What kind of car you want to drive B. What kind of house you want to live in. C. What will your ideal life partner be like (If you don’t have one, or want to change them) D.  How much money do you want to have in liquid assets I.E. cash, gold, money in the bank etc.  E. How much do you want to earn per annum.  F. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? G. Will, you have left your job and run your own business instead?

3. Set up an online or offline business that can help you achieve these goals.  To set up a website for free click here to get started.

4. Get yourself a mentor that is already successful in the area that you want to improve upon.

5. Realise that no matter what has happened in the past that you can take responsibility and decide to change it starting right now.

6. Write a list of twenty things you are grateful for.

7. Write a list of 20 things that you love about yourself.

8. Repeat these steps again and again and after a while, people around you will notice you start to change.

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10 Signs You Are Being A Victim


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