Why I Took A Break From Babysitting On Skype

Why I Took A Break From Babysitting On Skype

Yes I really have took a long break recently from Skyping with team members and wannabes.  And I would be lying if I said it wasn’t refreshing, the thing is that building a business that revolves around you working day and night to babysit your business can get more difficult and time consuming than a job.

A few years ago I was selling quite a few one off sales products or low ticket items and I would spend hours babysitting people who CLAIMED to want to make money or become successful online.    In many cases I might have spent hours or even days answering questions doing stuff for them only to realise that two weeks later they where doing something else, Hadn’t followed the very basic steps they where meant to do or else they just wouldn’t think for themselves.

Think about what value they where creating for their readers or customers.

Think about the fact that building an online business is a long term process.


In fact unfortunately I believe our governments media and programming have helped to create millions of Claimants!! and dependants,Yes you heard me correctly .

Many people think that someone else is responsible for their or our lives (sometimes even  subconsciously)

In fact when you look around where you live their are lots of people who have given up their lives to work for somebody for minimum wage.

Someone dictates how much they get paid when they get to see their family in many cases the job even dictates that they get injected with poisonous vaccines.  (US Army ETC)

How crazy is this!!


The truth is there are people out there that are their own worst enemy..

If you question this then you need to ask yourself some serious questions! And be honest with yourself many people tell themselves lies or a BS Story on a daily basis.

And unfortunately these are all Fu**ing Myths

People who think that the doctors or pharmaceutical companies are looking out for or are responsible for your/their  health.

That your employer is responsible for your pay and lifestyle

That the government is responsible for your pension when you get old

That you should get unemployment benefit, sick benefit, health benefit, disability benefit and any other benefit that you can imagine.


Let’s face it maybe you are lucky or unlucky and still getting one or more of these benefits but what happens if or when they stop.

Can you feed and take care of yourself and your family ??

Because if someone cannot and or chose to believe in this stuff then in most cases they are not or have not taken responsibility  for their own lives and or that of their family.


The truth is that over 90% of online businesses fail.


The sad thing is it is not because online businesses don’t work!!

It is because of that entitlement mentality that makes people fail !!


Why might I say that?


When people join an online business and watch a sales video they get blown away by the results, the possibilities and the opportunity to drastically improve their lifestyle or freedom.

So they pay to join the business or they buy the product or service and in doing so they believe that they are now entitled to spend a little time or take a few basic steps and start creating results like the ones advertised in the business opportunity.

And they expect to make a fortune in the process.   I know a 2 guys who joined a blogging business over 6 months ago and they haven’t even made their first blog post..


This is where the crazy bit happens 

Probably 70 or 80% of these people don’t do step one.  Which in many cases is pretty simple.

They don’t write out there profile

They don’t create their first blog post

They don’t make their first video (Never mind doing it daily)

They don’t setup or in many cases even buy an autoresponder

They don’t think about their readers or customers

They tell a BS story which is so full of BS  their readers could drown easily in it.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg.


So after doing a little the bare minimum ( As expected for the entitlement mentality)or even a couple of the steps they where meant to do for a limited amount of time sometimes not even a day they quit..

They give up on their dream income

They give up on their dream home

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  Car

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  Family


Other possibility is they work for a few months, let me remind this is a small percentage and just when their business is on the edge of creating success and they have swallowed the donkey (As my dad used to say )

They choke on tail they stop  doing anything and all their business momentum dissappears.

A couple of years ago I had a real whiner on my team 

He complained about buying a blog

He complained about paying an autoresponder to build a customer database

He complained about not getting subscribers

He never bought all the products he needed to make the most amount of money

Then when he got some subscribers he complained about not getting enough subscribers.

Then when he started getting a lot more subscribers he complained about not getting any sales.

Then when he got sales he complained about not making enough sales And so he went on then his wife got pissed with him surprisingly!!!  As I was pulling my hair out!!!!


After spending six months building a list of a couple of hundred subscribers and a few customers he stopped doing anything quit and then stopped paying for his autoresponder lost his list.

Then a year later came back looking to start with same business all over again from scratch because he hated his new job…   People like this are the HEIGHT OF INSANITY


If it’s only the thought of a luxury holiday or a fancy car and you are not willing to work then better stay at a job and do the lotto instead.


And start looking  for the next entitlement vehicle if you are in any doubt about this look at some of your Facebook friends and you may notice them selling a new Business Opportunity month after month

Does this sound familiar !!

I am not a quitter and when I decide to be successful at something the only thing that can stop me is death…   And even then, you will probably find a few hundred thousand blog posts and videos out there that are still making me money.. After I am dead..

I joined one business which has earned me well over $50,000 in commissions from Blogging part time.  And multiple other affiliate income streams and websites as well.

If you want to set up a successful online business you will need to do some work especially at the start. 


Set a realistic amount of time to create a substantial income like a year or two not two weeks.  I know successful Internet marketers who took 5 years to make their first sale but I can guarantee if you use the tools and technologies available to you today And follow steps it won’t take you anywhere near that time.

Just remember in your business to also use some common sense.  You also need to believe that you will be successful, as a lack of belief in yourself could stop you and your business in it’s tracks!!

Remember you and only you are responsible for your life and online success.

I would love to help you along the way but only if you are serious and really have the desire as this is not get rich quick magic..


Listen if you are not willing to work and be serious in your online business then keep your $25 as you will be wasting my time and your own.

If on the other hand you have a hunger a burning desire to be successful then just click the button below to get started in a business opportunity that creates me and my team members $3000 Dollar days time and time again


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Why I Took A Break From Babysitting On Skype

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