What’s Your Why To Make Money On The Internet ?

Makin’ the Money Now Syndrome

Remember when you first started Googling around the internet putting keywords into the Google search box like “make money from home,” “make money using your computer,” etc? You found an idea, read some testimonials, talked to some people and bamm! You bought the $27.00 product and you were off to your first million on the internet. You were sure you were going to make your money back in 24 hrs. and would be able to buy your girlfriend that new cell phone by the end of the week. Three days later you were staring at a blank screen, wondering what happened to the magic product you bought, and getting blurry eyed from scanning new opportunities. Welcome to the world of the newbie, my friend!

What's Your Why To Make Money On The Internet

Marketing Strategies That Worked On You

Little did you know that you were the unwitting participant in the efforts of the seller of that product to get you to purchase. The marketer selling that $27.00 product  had created something called a sales funnel, attached an autoresponder to it, made some videos or paid for some AdWords, or might have even sent some banner ads your way. Combine these marketing strategies with some well-placed testimonials and possibly a live webinar thrown in and you were helpless in the hands of a skillful person who knew exactly what was needed to get you to buy. You were going to be caught because you had a need. And the seller had a way to meet that need.

Doin’ It For a Reason

So, it turns out that people do things for reasons that may not be readily and quickly discernable. You’re driving along the highway and suddenly have a compulsion to turn into a fast food joint and eat something you know is not the best for you. You walk into your favorite department store and you buy yet another set of bowls although your shelves are full of them already. What is this compulsion and who persuaded you to do it? Dear reader, there are some very sophisticated and highly motivated intellectuals who have researched and streamlined marketing psychology to get you to press a button, buy a whatsit, or eat a whatchamacallit faster than you can say “hold the cheese.”

Understand Your Motivation(That’s Your Why)

So, with all these marketing strategies, psychological mechanisms, and on point internet marketing techniques at work on you, what’s a guy/girl to do when they click the mouse for the browser to start? What possible hope do you have to make it in this 21st century world where most things are thought out for you and whatever needs inventing has already been invented?

Well, you’ve got to know why you’re doing what you’re doing. You have to understand your personal motivation for getting into the marketing world in the first place. What meaning does the whole process have for you? Are you doing it for an extra $1000 per month to have more money after the bills are paid? Are you undergoing this learning curve to buy a new home for the family that you love? Are you in need of a new car? Do the four children you have remind you that in another decade there will be tuition bills to pay or vacations to go on? Maybe you just want to change your lifestyle so you can sit on a beach somewhere and drink beverages with small umbrellas. Whatever it is for you, that’s what is important.

Find your why. It will help you do the what, where, when and how. Forever. Always!

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