What Is The Quality Of The Content That You Listen To ?

What Is The Quality Of The Content That You Listen To?

Recently things have been a bit hectic with my kids getting off school for the year and lots of school barbecues, friends parties, birthdays, and other stuff I have found it hard to get half my daily tasks completed.

In fact, I found it difficult to even get time to sit down in the office and think about what I had to do.  Thankfully today was quiet no more school drops or pickups, yes dad’s taxi service was closed all day in fact..  Makes a change…

What Is The Quality Of The Content That You Listen To ?

As I have quite a lot of blogs and they are mostly on topics I am very interested in I spent a few hours doing some research watching some great educational videos.

Now when I talk about education I do not mean the run of the mill stuff we are taught to memorize inside the school systems. I am talking about life lessons in personal development, alternative health and wellness, and of course learning some snazzy new Internet Marketing Tips in between learning some IMAC video tips in the process.

I have in total scheduled or made about 12 different blog posts today in amongst listening to hours of great content while everyone else went to the beach.

Yes, of course, I could have just gone and lain down at the beach all day and did nothing okay I might have got some much-needed vitamin D.   But really how far was that going to improve my health, lifestyle and finances in the future?  Not a lot would be my guess even if I could have still made $1000 commissions while lying on the beach (from previous work and passive income streams I set up)


Right now the world, Life on the internet, and many other things are moving forward or possibly backward in some cases at an alarming rate.  Keeping yourself on top of it all gives you a huge advantage over the people who cannot be bothered.

Some things I learned today were about Values watching a Dr. D Martini Video on the Subject. I also watched some videos about a type of Chinese healing. Not to mention a few videos about government corruption that goes on.  Before finally tracking down a load of video marketing tutorials including the $25 funnel builder that Launched

One major tip I got from today which I got reminded of is. If you want to grow your income then you must grow your value. By working on yourself now a lot of people lay around on the beach today or slouched over their TV or a video game watching the news and negative reality shows.

Will that grow their income or knowledge tremendously and make any impact on their life?  Hmm, I don’t think so.

Well, let me know what you think, and feel free to post your message in the comments section below.

What Is The Quality Of The Content That You Listen To?

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