How would you feel if someone stole your money Greece? Literally

How would you feel if someone stole your money Greece? Literally

I was talking to one of my friends who is in Greece his aunt who is a pensioner has had her life savings froze by the bank and will be liable to a 55% haircut thanks to the EU and IMF.  Thats a loss of 140,000 EURO from someones life savings The media and TV channels are scaremongering everyone by telling people to vote Yes in the referendum telling them they will lose their pensions and other things.  

The fact is these bastards have been sending fake electronic money  and charging you interest on it as a debtor you all become slaves working to pay a debt which is completely unpayable.

How does it work? You start with1 million EURO and get charged 250,000 interest on it where does the 250,000 EURO that is interest come from my friend..   From the shirt on your backs from your slavery at a 9 to 5 job or business funny thing is these bastards didn’t have the million EURo to begin with it originated from a computer from figures on a screen or from a printers with 100Euro printed on the front of it..

Why do they not want money counterfeited because these fucking criminals want to print it themselves and enslave the rest of the world. You all need to wake the fuck up.  Here is what Greece needs to do like what Iceland did.  Arrest all the bankers responsible take everything they fucking have. The way they did from the people set up their own interest free currency and tell the European union IMF criminals  to Get Stuffed..

Alexis Tsipras speak to the people few hours before Greferendum

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The other alternative is keep getting fake money from the EU with interest to pay on it that does not exist and has never been given to you. Enslave yourselves and your kids for the next generations too.  Get your money stolen that you work for from pensions bank accounts and new made up taxes..

And then try to tell yourself you are a democracy. ???

If you want to be a sheep getting lead to the slaughter by all means vote yes and put your kids and grandkids heads on the chopping block too.

Or Vote no set up your own interest free currency have a proper democracy and become the heroes of the world.  Show them that criminal EU and IMF thugs cannot destroy your country..




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