Ways To Make More Money Online

There are lots of Ways To Make More Money Online you just need to pick some of them and get started.


Here are some that I am using or used in the past.


1. Blogging- When it comes to blogging you can blog and make money from affiliate marketing, promoting your business opportunity,paid advertising or you can charge money for your own products and services.


2. Posting relevant information on Social Media sites- Sites like Twitter, Pinterest, You Tube, Facebook , with a link back to your products,services or mailing list.




3. Email marketing- building a list of targeted subscribers and send them informational content and also include links to products or services that they can use or can help them with their online marketing business.


4. Team Events- If you have built a team or a base of customers or fans you can create live training events via webinars or using google hangouts and of course there is always a possibility to make an offer at the end.


5. Video Marketing- definitely one of the best ways of getting your business, services or message out there to your clients. You can upload video to various video sites like You Tube, Vimeo,Viddler there are also your own hosting services if you want to protect your videos like Amazon S3, Or Just straight to  Wordpress. Though WordPress self hosted not recommended for large amounts of videos unless you have a huge server.


6. Micro Sites- Yes, you can make money buying or selling services on micro sites like Fiverr, Fourer, Elance, Get A Freelancer,


7. Outsourcing-  You can make money outsourcing employees for other businesses like video creation, making a website, social media services,blogging,translation,graphics and lots more..


8. Selling on Amazon- Yes, you can either be an Amazon affiliate by joining the associates program or you can sell your own products on Amazon.


9. Selling On Ebay- You can sell unwanted goods,you can buy from Dropshippers and sell on Ebay, you can sell your own products, You can find cheap products elsewhere customize them and sell them on ebay.


10. Write A Book-  Although not always the holy grail of marketing like it is thought to be,  if your book is really good and you market it really well.  it could blast your business into the next level..


11. Create And Sell Your Own Products- You can create videos, ebooks ,webinar trainings, Books,DVD,s and sell them on your own website or on places like Clickbank,JV Zoo,PayDotCom, Amazon,Ebay this is a great way to make more money and also great for your brand only downside is you might have to deal with customer services and refunds,chargebacks, etc.


12. WA-  It is free to join and you can make money giving away free websites, there is lots of trainings available and a community to interact with the only downside is they don’t allow you to post links and some of the methods they use regarding using keywords like scams etc. I find a little underhand.


13.  Power Life – This is by far my favorite in fact,   What I love is you can  get paid high ticket commissions and don’t have to deal with customer services chargebacks etc.  We have an excellent community and our team have some of the best  personal development and internet marketing trainings available anywhere in my opinion.


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