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Volusion offers a wide range of solutions to make your ecommerce business a success.  Ranging from helping you build from the ground up, to driving customers to your site, they offer a complete business solution.  Optimum7 has an array of Volusion clients and is fluent with the functionality of this system regarding its SEO (search engine optimization) capabilities.


Volusion will help with your ecommerce business from the very beginning.  They offer free and premium design templates you can customize, giving you the flexibility to get what you need for your business.


A number of extras make Volusion’s software more than just a shopping cart.  The Fraud Score feature offers you the capability to track and identify fraudulent orders before processing. They also give ecommerce owners the ability to provide immediate customer service to your clients with a live chat feature.  This service is free, but can be upgraded to include unlimited operators and concurrent chats at an added cost.

The import/export functionality of Volusion makes it a breeze to add hundreds of thousands of products with one click. The level of integration of this system with any database is amazing. Optimum7 can make miracles happen with this feature when it comes to equalizing inventory and across various databases.


Volusion offers a number of marketing solutions, including pushing your products to Comparison Shopping Engines.  They also have a range of Google and Google analytical services to maximize your advertizing dollar. Volusion also offers a newsletter generator and a 5 tier affiliate program, giving you the most Google friendly site possible.

The need for having a custom SEO Strategy is important, even within a fully optimized shopping cart.  Optimum7 understands that.  For any successful SEO strategy to work, these things should be accomplished in addition to the functionalities of a shopping cart.

Keyword Research: This is the building blocks of SEO.  If the correct keywords that need to be targeted aren’t identified, it’s difficult to achieve any profitability with regard to conversions and traffic.  This essential step shouldn’t be skipped, but handled by an experienced internet marketing company.

On-site Optimization: Custom titles and Meta tags come with most shopping carts, however be vigilant to make sure these features are used efficiently and correctly.  Static URLs (ones that contain keywords instead of coding) tend to get more hits and indexed higher than dynamic ones.  Take care to make sure you choose the most accurate keywords for your URLs to optimize your SEO results.

Off-site Optimization: This service is not typical of shopping cart systems out of the box.  It’s simply not enough to create an appealing ecommerce site offering a wide range of functionalities and services.  Marketing your site is the key to drive users to your site.  Raising relevant backlinks, affiliate marketing, shopping comparisons and other marketing methods are the only way to increase your customer base.

Conversion Optimization: Ask yourself the important questions.  How profitable is your business?  Which marketing avenues are the most cost-effective?  How could your dollar be used more efficiently?  How functional is your checkout process?  These questions can all be answered with analysis, optimization, data and research.

Contact us if you need help with your SEO strategy for Volusion.  We are a professional SEO company that understands sales, profit margins and visibility.  We can help.

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