Upgrade Your Work Environment Upgrade Your Results

Upgrade Your Work Environment Upgrade Your Results

You may not realise it, but the environment in which you are working can greatly affect your results and productivity,  when it comes to working from home on the internet many people take for granted all the distractions around them.  These distractions can waste lots of your time and often destroy your concentration, resulting in very downgraded results.

When people are working a job, the kids, the wife/husband or spouse just assume you will be away and unavailable. That leaves you to go to the office or job distraction free.

Often when it comes to working from home, family and friends treat you differently.  In the middle of your working day, they may ask you to babysit the kids, cook the dinner, take them to the shops or to a friends house etc.

This eats up your creative production time, which can often leave you and your business suffering mentally and financially.

By creating your own, or upgrading your own workspace and laying down some rules you can cut down on all the distractions and time wasted.

Yes, you can sit on the sofa pressing buttons and make money, the problem is when your young kids are screaming in your ear, or listening to kids TV or music, trying to think is pretty much near an impossibility.


A friend of mine was married to a witch at one point lol.  She wouldn’t let him work in the house, which to me seemed completely crazy and over the top.   And when he did work in the house she drove him nuts knocking on the office door with errands every five minutes.

Although when I started marketing online I used to work from the sofa or the dining room table or conservatory using a laptop.   I found that once I bought myself a desktop iMac and had an office on my own floor my results started to skyrocket.  And my productivity improved vastly.

If you haven’t tried having your own quiet allotted workspace and time, I highly recommend it.  It could be very advantageous to yourself, your family and your wallet. And the thing is if there is an emergency you can be nearby for your family, unlike with a traditional job.

Yes, you can create all the benefits of working for yourself, without having the drawbacks of being an employee.

After finally getting my workspace back into shape I am now going to be doing regular live training on how you can set up or improve your online business.


You can get access to them by visiting DigiMarketing Academy

Including pieces of training on how to deal with the new changes of WordPress 5.0 Now, it has switched to Gutenberg.


Upgrade Your Work Environment Upgrade Your Results

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