Top Petrol/Diesel/Gas/Fuel Memes

Top Petrol/Diesel/Gas/Fuel Memes

Does your car suffer from anxiety?


KY JELLY Could Be The Next Fuel On The Rise



Cow’s thinking seriously about going on strike after surge in Toyota Cowrolla sales



Same shit different year

Ride on Lawnmower sales to skyrocket in 2022




The New Valentines Day Hangout For Happy Couples



Bank Profits Soar As New Loans Are Approved For Home Heating Oil, Gas Diesel and Petroleum.



Weight Loss Made Easy In 2022



Robberies are up 100,000% in 2022



Uber taking on a new breed of drivers as fuel hike sends their normal drivers back home to Netflix



Fred Flinstone was reborn on Easter as new 2022 fuel hikes made him turn in his grave

Are you someone who has an Ostrich mentality?  Time for a beer it’s cheaper and easier than sticking your butt in the air and neck in the sand. 



And A Bonus Green Energy Post 


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Top Petrol/Diesel/Gas/Fuel Memes

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