How To Have The Best Opt-In Page And Make More Money

How To Have The Best Opt-In Page And Make More Money

302501_349734318471406_610468652_nIn the IM market specifically, people are usually looking for three things. The three hottest products I’ve ever sold in the IM space is make money, traffic and social media, as long as it has to do with making money. When you’re trying to come up with something to give away for your opt-in page, it’s best to choose one of those three items. You can either build a product of your own or find something that related to those products.

I personally like to give away information on my opt-in pages, like a free report or a PDF file. My good friend, Shawn Casey, gives away software on his lead capture page. I have a feeling that free software is the direction opt-in pages are heading. However, it’s up to you to decide what type of product you want to gift people. It needs to be valuable and unique. For example, I have a mind map that I share on one of my opt-in pages. On the page, it’s blurred out and to get it, you have to opt-in to my list. It’s unique and valuable.

I told my wife when we got married that I’m not like everybody else. I told her we would either be the poorest people in the world or the richest. I won’t settle for being normal. Using the same concept on the internet, I’m always trying new things. Everybody else usually plays the follower. I’d rather be the leader. Wouldn’t you? When you follow the followers, you don’t understand the innovators. Question everything that you see. Take a concept and shape it into your own. Make it new and exciting. Innovate. Look at a product and say, how can I make this different and better?

Once you’ve set up your opt-in page, you must split test. I have said this over and over again and I’ll keep saying it. It’s so important. Split testing is NOT optimization. Optimization is when you change the headline or the background color. Split testing is when you test radically different pages. For instance, page A is a page so ugly I wouldn’t want to show anyone, especially my grandma or my mother. Page B is a page that’s so beautiful, I’d want to show everyone. And page C is a page that’s a mixture of both. Usually, the one I wouldn’t want to show my grandma is the one that crushes it. If I had gone with my gut, I would have chosen the page that was pretty and I would have lost out on sales. Internet marketing is often counterintuitive. The normal person on the internet doesn’t make the amount of money I make and want to make because they aren’t split testing. They are just taking what they think will work and plastering it on the internet. They don’t know their numbers.

So the two things I want you to take away from this are know your numbers and split test. If you create your opt-in page blindly, you will second rate results. If you know your numbers because you split tested your opt-in page like crazy, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to make a lot of money. Don’t be a follower in this market. Followers don’t make the big bucks. To make money online, you have to be an innovator and innovators split test.

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How To Have The Best Opt-In Page And Make More Money

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