Are You Sick And Tired Of Facebook Blocking Your Links Pictures And Videos?

Are You Sick And Tired Of Facebook Blocking Your Links Pictures And Videos?
Here Is A Proper Social Network for business owners and it is free to join you can upload your pictures, videos and links without getting them blocked.

There will be no unfair competition blockages blocking the link of your company in case it grows bigger than Facebook. Yes, Facebook block links to blogs and websites from many companies as most of us here are all adults we should be allowed to post or visit whatever website we want without being blocked.

Unfortunately, even after people spending years building up groups and followings for this company they decide to block people they blocked my ability to share pictures of my friends or even upload pictures of my own family. I have a lot of friends who had videos and links pulled down.

I have spent so many hours working to build an online business I am not going to sit idly while some corporate bum. Deletes or hides or blocks my content and let them get away with it. We are all Free unless we conform to threats or abusive powers like these and I will be damned if I am going to be..


Here is some alternative social networks for business owners they are Free to join and it also gives you the ability to chat meet people and upload your videos and pictures.. So far without blocking any of them I think it is bloody ridiculous when a page that over 450 have liked only gets shown to 14 people this place is becoming a bloody joke..

So at the end of the day you can keep feeding these vultures with your money for paid ads and redoing your videos posts links before they get torn down again .. Or you can use somewhere where you stuff will be found without being blocked… The choice is yours, my friend. If you rely solely on Facebook for your business then you are playing with fire.

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One thought on “Are You Sick And Tired Of Facebook Blocking Your Links Pictures And Videos?

  1. yes thanks, I really needed this as facebook keep blocking mylink. I really hope they stop this very soon or it won’t be good for them

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