Should you take the right classes?

Depends on the teacher and what you want to learn. The best qualifications are QBE’s Qualifications by Experience if you learn from the right people, a lot of school teachers who teach subjects in college teach because they could not survive in their industry they are teaching instead.I would hardly call that a good mentor.Most people learn from other broke people and wonder why they are broke.Most broke people are also held back by fear or what other unsuccessful people tell them they want a safe secure job (comfort zone) that is delusional because it is the most unsafe way to live depending on someone else for your income. Easier than setting up a business though. If you ever watched Anne Robinson in the weakest link T.V series,One day a financial advisor was on the show “fully qualified” Anne Robinson asked her a question. I have 5 million to invest where would you invest it for me.She told her some financial vehicle probably some bond etc.
Anne asked her the question how much have you invested in these investments.To which she replied none if I was rich I wouldn’t be working as a financial advisor.I would be living off investments.The moral of the story is a financial advisor gets a great status and trust for investing peoples money.But they live off commissions many are just salesmen.All they need is a certificate the teacher who taught them maybe gets a salary of $500 a week which the government gets 30% before they get anything.And they are advising people what to do with their money.Most people believe the financial advisor will know how to make them rich someadvisors will many won’t.
But you need to know the difference many people don’t that’s where proper financial education comes in.From people who have done or been where you want to be.

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