Seriously Big Things Are Happening! Will you Find Out about it before it’s too late?

Seriously Big Things Are Happening!  Will you Find Out about it before it’s too late?

Today I had to take my eldest son to the Grammar School. It seems like yesterday he just started playschool. The years they fly by past.

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The fact is for all those years I was there for him. 

To give him a lift to school everday.

To pick him up from school everyday.

To collect him anytime he felt sick or had a problem.

To sit with him for weeks on end when he broke his leg and was on a bit of a downer. 

To take him to the hospital when he broke his leg.

In fact, I did the same for my three sons, apart from the broken leg of course.

We did four month and two or three month stays in Bulgaria  And Greece And Drove through Europe countless times.

All while orders where coming in on the Internet, and generating income from my passive businesses and websites.

The sad thing is that modern society is designed to drive families apart, to get the parents out working a job . To send your kids to a babysitter or club. Yes, so your child can in fact spend more than half their lives growing up around total strangers.

It is hard to know the long term effects of this, can have on your kids and future generations.

Society of course programs us that is is normal.

1. Normal to walk through Radiation At The Airports And Security Checks.

2. Normal To Vaccinate Your Kids With Mercury, Bits Of Other Animals,Formaldehyde and hundreds of other highly toxic poisons.

3. Normal to go every year to get your body parts radiated with radiation. Radiation that is known to cause cancer and multiple other diseases.So that you can find out if you have cancer?

4. Normal to treat cancer with chemotherapy without trying any alternative cures or changes of eating patterns.  Even though once you have had chemotherapy your chances of being alive drop from 60% to 5% after 5 years ?

5. Normal to eat genetically modified junk food that causes tumours when fed to rats.

6. Normal to drink Diet Drinks filled with Aspartame a powerful cancer causing neurotoxin, so you can look thin. (Even if nearly everyone who drinks, it is fat)

7. Normal to go to work to pay interest on money banks never had in the first place to lend you.  

8. Normal to argue about the fact no 7 because you are ignorant about how the current financial system works. And that it is designed to go against you or the majority.

9. Normal to give your money to large corporations to invest as a pension for when you are 70 or more, even though at the rate that money is being printed. It is depreciating up to  50% per year in some places. 

Personally I could go on forever with this list but I won’t.. 

The bottom line is I Refuse To Conform ..  I am not a sheep. 

I have chosen to take responsibility for my own financial destiny. I have chosen organic food over GMO’s 

I have have chosen not to be a Guinea Pig for the big pharma Antibiotics Poisons.

I have chosen to not to put Mercury in my mouth or Fluoride from the dentist or give them to my family or kids.  (Even if the TV Ads Recommend It..)

I have chosen to be aware of what is really going on around me instead of choosing the old saying of Ignorance Is Bliss .  IT REALLY  ISN’T..

Jim Rohn Had It Right.


No Need To Be Ignorant . All You Need To Do Is Open Your Mind To The Possibilities And New Doors Of Opportunity Will Open Up For You..

Could This Be The Day That Turns Your Life Around?

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If you really want to turn your life around. Then you need to be ready to do what everyone else is not willing to do, yes you really need to start right now..

To Walk Away From The 97%

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Seriously Big Things Are Happening! Will you Find Out about it before it’s too late?

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