Meeting Job Insecurity With A Small Business

(PRWEB) October 24, 2005

Small business has become suddenly very important. Jobs are not permanent. Government doles are undignified. And small businesses could achieve unprecedented success leveraging the Internet. points entrepreneurs to sources of assistance and support for small businesses – in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. It then goes on to discuss funding methods and government regulations in these countries. Each country has its own section.

In addition to country specific information, has two other sections of high relevance to small businesspersons. A section that discusses general small business success factors and another section that goes into the What, Why and How of e-commerce to small business.

The success factors section looks at entrepreneurial work habits and key business functions such as studying the market, locating technical know-how, planning the business and so on. Intimidating topics like Market Research, Marketing Strategy, Business Planning and Project Management are discussed in simple terms.

The e-commerce section starts off with a look at the unprecedented opportunity offered by e-commerce to small businesses. Small businesses could now reach the world markets at little expense. They could tap new marketing models like drop shipping and affiliate marketing. By leveraging the Internet, small businesses could indeed become big businesses.

Throughout, the focus is on “brick and mortar” businesses. Unlike money circulation schemes, brick and mortar businesses, like manufacturing and services of different kinds, contribute to a nation’s economic growth. discusses the issues typically involved in these kinds of businesses.

The website seeks to prevent an entrepreneur becoming another SBA statistic (SBA estimates that 95 percent of small businesses fail). Most small businesspersons jump into businesses without adequate preparation. They start businesses that are already too numerous. Or they do not organize a good marketing setup. Or technical know-how. looks at these and other key issues that affect small business succces.

Visit for a detailed look at small business success factors.


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