“Major Northern Ireland Anti-Recession Event”

“Major Northern Ireland Anti-Recession Event”

For Immediate Release:

Shockingly Dynamite Business Growth Tactics To Rock
Northern Ireland’s Economy

Business Strategy Belfast is this year’s number one
explosive event for business growth in 2010.’

That’s according to Ireland’s Leading Professional Online
Marketer, Sotiris Bassakaropoulos, from Bangor,

Co. Down, one of the top minds behind the extraordinary
event on Botanic Avenue, Belfast on Saturday January
30th from 9am to 6pm.

Mr. Bassakaropoulos has revealed he saw a massive gap
in the market to bring a World Class Communications
Expert to Belfast
to shake up established and outdated
business methods and give Entrepreneurs a jolt with
techniques and strategies to enhance their levels of

His trump card comes in the form of Worldwide
Communications Excellence Specialist, Marie O’Riordan,
who will raise the roof with her unique style of transferring
golden nuggets of knowledge to business people,
entrepreneurs and individuals for long term growth.

‘This event is your Insurance Policy Against Failure.
The Business World Is Well Overdue A Reform,’ according
to Marie O’Riordan. Her wealth of experience with
International icons like Mother Teresa and Hollywood’s
Academy Award winning elite began when she first started
Broadcasting at the tender age of just 13, became an
Award Winning Filmmaker at 15 and reported for C.N.N.
aged 20.

Business Strategy Belfast calls on Northern Ireland to
plug into the communications attention it deserves at
this crucial event in the 2010 calendar to boost business.

Marie O’Riordan, an accomplished media interviewee, is
available for interview on +353 86 8119066.


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