Latest Brighteon Video Storage Rules

Latest Brighteon Storage Results

Brighteon has changed their rules because of video storage costs, in my eyes, this is both good and bad news. The good news is that it will make it more sustainable for Brighton to become self-sustainable.

There is now a new video hosting unlocking views system


User Level Maximum Uploads How to Unlock*
New User
User 25
25 500 Channel Views
User 50
50 1,000 Channel Views
User 100
100  2,500 Channel Views
User 250
250 7,500 Channel Views
User 500
500 20,000 Channel Views
User 1000
 1,000 50,000 Channel Views
Unlimited User
Unlimited 100,000 Channel Views


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Unfortunately, I think this can be a catch 22 situation because in order to get more video views on your channel you need to create more videos and deleting your videos means there are fewer videos to actually get views on your channel.

I chat about what I think about the new rules in my Facebook live below.


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Latest Brighteon Storage Results


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