Internet Search Marketing And ?Mirroring’ Your Prospects

The concept of internet search marketing is predicated on the fact that the majority of people who need online information use one of the major search engines to do so.

When they do, it is estimated that over 90% will look at the ‘natural’ search results (on the left of the page) before they would consider opening an advert on the right.

Most people only look at the information on the first results page too.

Hence, internet search marketing is all about doing whatever is necessary to get your site into the results on the left-hand side of that first page.

There are many widely recognized strategies for doing this, most centered upon Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Now, there is a ton of free information available about SEO all over the net, so I am not going to touch upon it here apart from this brief mention.

Instead, I’m going to focus on an aspect of internet search marketing that I have never seen mentioned anywhere else.

It is however a strategy that I use in my own search marketing efforts which has been very successful, perhaps because no one else is doing it!

Maybe you remember that a year or two ago, there was a massive buzz about the Law of Attraction?

The basic concept behind it is that if you visualize something enough, you can turn what you imagine into reality through the power of your mind.

Now, whilst this might appear to be ‘new age’ hype, it is in actual fact very logical if you think about it.

Everyone has a conscious and subconscious mind.

The conscious part of your mind is the one that thinks on a daily basis, making decisions about whether to drink tea or coffee and so on. Your subconscious on the other hand drives your habits, the things that you do automatically without thinking.

Okay, so sit back and relax. You close your eyes and picture your future, what you will be doing, who you will be with, even mundane things like the state of the weather.

Your subconscious mind does not differentiate between imagined images and reality. Both are real in your subconscious.

Consequently, if you practice visualization regularly enough, you gradually train your subconscious to believe that your visions are real. As a result, it becomes infinitely more likely that it will one day be reality.

Okay, back to internet search marketing.

When you market in a specific niche, try visualizing what people in that niche would visualize instead of relying on keyword research tools that everybody else uses.

For example, anyone who is interested in weight loss will visualize themselves as a thinner, more attractive, more socially popular individual than they are now. I tell you this but with a little imagination, you can visualize what searchers in your niche visualize just as well as I can.

This is of course just one use of visualization.

As suggested earlier, one of the most powerful ways of using this technique in your own business is to visualize your future by picturing the benefits that owning a successful online marketing business will bring.

Do this regularly enough and you convince your subconscious that it is happening, hence you behave as if it is. Consequently, it does!

This is incredibly powerful stuff.

Don’t underestimate the power of visualization in internet search marketing either. No-one to my knowledge is applying this technique, so you have the field all to yourself!

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