Internet Marketing Guru Receives Threats on His Life

Internet marketing guru receives threats on his life

Releasing secret information on the internet can be dangerous. We spoke to a young internet marketing guru on the condition that we should not divulge his name. The internet marketing expert has received threats on his life after he created a website which divulges information that other gurus want to keep secret. The website claims to be able to teach you all the secrets you need without even asking for money. Even tough the internet marketer does not use his real name on the website, other fierce competitors were able to identify him and threaten his personal safety. The young unnamed internet marketer is at the moment seeking personal protection.

 The author of the website is claiming that many so called Gurus have been keeping such information secret and away from privy eyes on purpose. Internet marketers would pay any amount for this information but the unnamed author decided to release this information completely for free . “I will give anyone who dares to read my free ebook the tools to motivate and start making thousands daily” said the author in a comment. The unnamed internet marketer will show any one who dares to listen how easily it is done and how average people can make it big online

We asked the creator of this free website what will people find in this internet marketing site and won’t be found in any other site. The internet marketer stated that “first of all the website I created is completely free and there are no charges or hidden costs. Other internet marketers charge even 0 for what I am distributing for free and that is what annoyed these gurus to an unprecedented level to arrive to make threats on my life. The other internet marketing Gurus want to keep the secrets that I am revealing close to their chests and will not reveal any of my hardcore tactics to make money online not even for thousands of dollars!


You can read all the ebook for free at

Article from – Gregg Zban interviews the top names in internet marketing including Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Eben Pagan, Tony Robbins, John Carlton, Jeff Johnson, Mike Filsaime, Ryan Deiss, John Reese, Shoemoney Jeremy Schoemaker. Hey… welcome to the Guru Hub. You might ask, why the Guru Hub. Well… originally I named it The Guru Hub because I was going to interview all these “Gurus” and I was going to put all the information on the website. So you’re probably saying “Hey Gregg…. how’s that workin out for ya?” Well….. it could be a little bit better. I started out calling them. I know (Jeff) Walker will pic up the phone, hold on. I’ll pretend like I’m Eben (Pagan). Damn, can’t get him to answer the phone either. I’ll bet if Frank (Kern) knew I played guitar he’d pick up that phone. (Gregg guitar playing) I was watching Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Two I think it was and he slipped and gave out John Reese’s number…. Hey John… how ya doin’? Hey it’s Gregg from The Guru Hub, yea… The Guru Hub. Hey listen I bought Traffic…. well I guess they aren’t “secrets” anymore are they. Yea. I bought that…. sorry dude. I didn’t mean to piss you off. I was looking for an interview… John… come on man. Hey , you’re down in Florida.. I’ll come down to you. Alright… alright thanks… see ya. I got a call in to Ryan Deiss….. Is Ryan there? Ryan Deiss yep… tell him Gregg from The Guru Hub…. well can you ask him to get out of the pool? Yea it’s important, it’s
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