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Get on the #1 spot on Google. Here I’m showing how profitable an internet marketing campaign can be, and how much SEO can help you get new clients without having to spend lots of money like other businesses do. To know more about us or our services you can visit our website: London Search Engine Optimisation Experts principle job is to help companies achieve page 1 on Google. Why is this? Potential clients are increasingly using the Internet searches to find what they are looking for. Google accounts for 90% of UK searches so is really the only show in town. The analogy is often used of an advertising billboard in the middle of the desert versus one in Times Square for the Americans or for the UK on a windblown uninhabited Scottish Island or in Piccadilly. For internet searches you need to be on page 1, as only 5% of people will go to page 2, as they normally find what they are looking for, or put different words into Google and have another search. There are two things that one needs to do to improve the search position of a website on Google. 1. Optimise the website for Google. So it can find the information that is important. This includes the page description, the Title and the content. 2. Improve the reputation of the site in the eyes of Google. This is measured by the quality and number of links pointing to the website from other websites. If the link is from a site that Googles thinks is important, it will rate higher. Sites such as BBC or Wikipedia are the most important. Obviously sites which are of related information help as do the absolute number of links, the more the merrier. Search Engine Optimisation Experts London or 020 71 93 95 71 will also do a free no obligation website analysis that will
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