How To Setup An Affiliate Programme

How To Setup An Affiliate Programme

If you are thinking about selling your own products online an affiliate programme is a very important marketing tool. Affiliates will recommend your products and services for a financial reward. It is entirely up to you to decide what amount to pay out to your affiliates.  Make sure the benefits are substantial enough to get your affiliates to recommend your products and services. Remember for the right reward many affiliates will pay to market your products services for you at their own expense.

When it comes to digital products your profit margins are greatly increased to remember to offer a good reward to your affiliates. The sales your affiliates make for you is money from the stars. Without them you would only receive money off your own marketing. When setting up a product it is important to be able to receive credit card,merchant account or paypal payments a good shopping cart will help you manage this.

A digital delivery system will automate delivery of your products and protect them from people trying to steal your merchandise. You just upload the products anyone who pays the money for your product receives a download direct to their email address. The system I personally use for all my transactions also offers to take recurring payments and comes with unlimited autoresponders. So you can be emailing your customers your latest offers and deals on 100% Autopilot.  It also allows you to add upsells which is a fantastic way to increase your profit per customer.

If you would like to know how to setup an affiliate program message me on my website AskSotiris.Com And I will help you to set one up get  the Free Trial there is no commitment or credit card details required. If you are really serious about your business you will realise you need a quality payment and tracking system. Find Out More   and Get started using Wealth Club Office Today

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How To Setup An Affiliate Programme

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