How to Add News Content to Your Blog

In modern computing, a blog reader, also called a newsreader, news aggregators, blog aggregators, RSS reader, or just a reader, is a web software or a browser plugin that aggregates syndicated news content including news feeds from news websites, e-newsletters, podcasts and video sites in one place for quick viewing.

For example, you may view news articles from CNN or the Associated Press on your blog reader. You can easily do so by going to your blog reader’s home page, choosing the “Reader” option, or “add to my reader” option on your web browser.

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Depending on your blog reader, it will automatically display the latest posts on your news feed without you having to manually type the article into your reader. However, you may also want to manually feed your reader with content by copying the news content URL to your reader’s home page or URL bar and then typing the article or URL directly.

Blog readers can be customized for specific blogs or categories of blogs. So, you can find a blog reader that only displays your blog on the home page, for instance, if you only post news articles on your personal blog.

If you’re interested in adding news content to your blog, you may want to look into a blog reader that will automatically load on your computer whenever you open a new web page. With the exception of such a blog reader, it would be impractical for you to have a separate blog reader for every single blog you have on your site or blog, as it would take up valuable web page real estate.

Although there are different types of newsreaders that are capable of displaying various types of web content, they all share certain common characteristics. News readers are designed to provide an automatic feed of web content to your reader in the form of a small icon or link, which you can easily click to open your blog’s news feed.

Once your reader has loaded its news feed, you can select any of the news articles, podcasts, and videos you like and either bookmark them or share them with others. You can even customize the reading order by putting in different titles, by category, or by categories, by adding comments to each article or video, or feed. and then saving the modified feed to your reader for future use.

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