How a travel business in the middle of the pandemic helps raising funds for nonprofit organizations


How a travel business in the middle of the pandemic helps raising funds for nonprofit organizationsEvery nonprofit organization (NPO) is heavily dependent on its fundraising operations.

Unfortunately, there’s never enough time to do as much fundraising as most NPOs would like, and most of the time, that means there’s never enough money to change the world, to impact lives, and to shape communities the way that these organizations would like to either.

But fundraising as we know it has been changing and a new model seems to have been developed to help. There is now a way to easily access the funding you need to put forth new initiatives, to roll-out new projects, and to make the outsized impact.

That’s what looking to make a reality.


Building a Brighter Tomorrow with Smarter Non-Profit Fundraising, a part of the Wholesale Hotels Group created by Szilard Nathan Vegas, has become a hugely influential organization in the travel industry. With an operational background of almost 10 years, they got known as one of the most innovative players in the B2B travel sector.

Changing the way that businesses (primarily) take advantage of accommodations all over the world, was developed to provide two main services:
– Discounted hotel accommodations that are not available through the big booking sites
– Currently, the best hotel cashback programs available when you book directly with hotels

Pioneering this impressive cashback program has turned the industry on its head, has seen its success skyrocket under the leadership of since this new consumer-brand has launched even with the current slow-down of our economy and by seeing both corporate and leisure travel expenses heavily reduced.

Recently, though, has started to pivot their focus a little bit to help nonprofit organizations. Mr. Vegas and his team have been looking for ways to make a splash in the world of NPO fundraising particularly, and the cashback program that they have used to build their business has become a big driver in that department, too.

Highlighting the Difference

The beautiful thing about the hotel cashback program, particularly for NPOs, is that it has so many different benefits compared to more traditional financing or fundraising opportunities.

Let’s take a little deeper into some of the most impactful ones below:

Unlimited Cash Back Earnings – For LIFE!

Fundraising for your NPO has truly never been easier. After creating an account with, you will have an opportunity to add their banner directly to your website. From that moment on, every single person that signs up through that banner gets up to 6% cashback themselves – and your NPO gets 1% of that transaction, too!

We are talking FREE, no-strings-attached money for your organization, all in exchange for helping other people find great deals on hotels and get high cashback for themselves on over 50,000 hotels worldwide on all chain hotels and over 15,000 individual hotels. Also, you assist your members, visitors, Board of Directors finding deals not available anywhere else.

Recurring, passive income!

And that 1% you earn just for having the banner up and monetizing the traffic your website gets?

All that cashback can be used immediately to fund new NPO projects and initiatives. Best of all, you can earn UNLIMITED cashback for as long as you want, without the headache and the hassle. With this being of the most innovative alternative fundraising methods, you do not have to spend a dime along the way while generating a flood of recurring funding for your NPO. That is impossible to beat.

Effortless Integration

The effortless integration of the tools (especially by downloading the easy browser extension) makes leveraging the hotel cashback program a no-brainer for nonprofit fundraising.

You will be able to book all of your favorite hotels, resorts, and accommodations online just the way you always do and their fully automated internet browser extension registers your booking and processes you the cashback.

Alternative, Easy, and Effective Fundraising for your NPO

At the end of the day, this alternative, easy-to-use, and effective fundraising source puts you in control of how you add to your NPO coffers.

There are a lot of programs out there promising the moon and the stars when it comes to alternative fundraising for nonprofits, but few of them are as well-conceived, well-implemented, or as easily implemented and is effective as this one.

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