Give a Crazy Person A Blog And Watch The Fireworks

Give a Crazy Person A Blog And Watch The Fireworks

Even though at the moment I am pretty focused on a new launch in my business I just couldn’t help but interrupt to talk about this subject.

I know there are people in the world who are crazy whether you call it mental health programming, damage by pharmaceuticals.

Whatever reason you give it there are some really unthinkably damaged people out there.

The thing about it is and what makes it dangerous is that quite often these same people just blend into society.


They might be ugly,beautiful or even completely average, but lurking inside there is a mind full of unthinkable anger,guilt,selfishness and very often a strong hate for others often targeted at specific people. Which in fact can be very dangerous for anyone around them both mentally and physically as well.

Often these type of people could go by for years without anyone noticing their strange behaviour patterns or the way they treat others close to them, and for some people that is probably a good thing. But from a safety level not realizing. How angry, hateful and prejudiced they are could leave you open to repercussions, from their actions or behaviour.

But let them loose on a blog and it all becomes as plain as day, even if they probably are hiding some of their more sinister thoughts or behaviour.  It can be difficult to write in a different way than what your mind works. I would say this may not go for everybody but really a blog is somewhere that people write down what they are thinking as they think it.  A few years ago I went on a trip and happened to be with one of these people and a friend and even up until that point the person in question had seemed okay a couple of things they said and a couple of ways they behaved made me think. There is something not right with this person and even though my subconscious mind was screaming at me Danger Danger Danger I kind of ignored it.

Since then I have seen some really unbelievable behaviour patterns which have caused a lot of sorrow for many people.  And with this continual crazy behaviour, will probably produce a lot more.  You are the sower even though I am not a great believer in religion. As I think most religions are totally hypocritical, I do believe in the saying you reap what you sow.   So if you Sow hate and selfishness to your closest family and do things that could endanger their health or safety then you may reap something that you gave out in the first place.

The funny thing about this person is they think they are in control by giving orders and threats to their close family.  Kinda blackmail really like the mafia, I don’t think this is a good way to get what you want in fact it is completely insane. But then again if your life borders on insanity this may be 100% normal. Even if the things this person has done in the past in my eyes are extremely sick and down there with the bottom feeders.   There are only two ways to go they need to realise what a complete and utter C*** they are and decide to change their ways.

Or continue to act insane and watch as their world gets dragged apart by themselves before being locked in a mental institution and drugged up to the hilt..   Will be interesting to see what choice they make in the meanwhile all close family will suffer or else get pissed off and leave.  Time will tell and like I said even if I am not a great religious believer  I do believe there is something out there be it a guidance system which we can all take advantage of and go in the right direction.  Or we can ignore and chose anger and hate and literally chop peoples heads off verbally and mentally attack our families and hope karma forgets the choice is entirely up to us..

Surprisingly this person behaves with utter contempt to so many people that they have probably lost count, The only message I can give to them is. No matter how much contempt they have  it is really directed at themselves I feel only pity.

Pity for there sorrow in the past,

Pity for the sorrrow they will have in the future if they continue to behave this way.

And pity for being so brainwashed with BS that it affects their judgement system and destroys anyone and everyone in their path (except the ones they lick up to for mental support)..


P.S. If you ever want a way to detect someones mental state give them a blog and let them loose…

Namaste (Rant Over)


Give a Crazy Person A Blog And Watch The Fireworks

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