Freedom Ocean Podcasters James Schramko and Tim Reid Release Episode 20

Freedom Ocean Podcasters James Schramko and Tim Reid Release Episode 20

James Schramko – Internet Marketing Expert

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) August 03, 2011

A report on the Canadian Press say that entertainers, comedians in particular, have found podcasting to be the new way to advertise their talents via the internet. Talented individuals serious about making a name for themselves turn to podcasting to grow their fan-base and sell tickets to live events. Unlike in the past few decades, up and coming talents no longer had to rely on clubs and television shows in order to be discovered. While podcasting has opened up huge opportunities in the comedy niche, the possibilities for internet marketing yet remain largely untapped, says Freedom Ocean podcaster James Schramko. He and his podcasting partner Tim Reid have just released their 20th episode on internet marketing. He says:

“The general idea behind Podcasts is to get your name out there and establish authority in a given market, much like entertainers are doing today. Success depends largely on the content, of course, and much like comedy, it all depends on the delivery.”

Aussie marketing genius Tim Reid, who has had a podcasting show called “Small Business – Big Marketing” running for over two years now, partnered with countryman James Schramko to form Freedom Ocean several months ago. The show, which talks largely about internet marketing, quickly gained popularity with several episodes consistently in the top 10 of the internet marketing and business categories. It is rated as the top internet marketing podcast in Australia according to iTunes.

The Canadian Press report quoted technology analyst Carmi Levy saying “The idea is to maximize your audience and then use that audience to market your other offerings”, a statement James Schramko agrees with and believes to be an accurate description of what podcasts should be. He explains:

“Much like advertising, podcasts are meant to do the selling for you and not rely on the podcast itself as a source of income. In my line of work, which is internet marketing, Freedom Ocean has provided a means to drive valuable traffic to our sites, because first and foremost, we deliver what is referred to as gold nuggets in each episode. The fantastic thing about podcasts is that it’s free, meaning the creator can advertise himself without paying a cent and can easily distribute his audio ad via iTunes where listeners can download it for free.”

“Like comedy, it all depends on the delivery”, says James Schramko, who attributes part of the show’s success to having a partner in Tim Reid. He continued saying “unlike comedy, discussing internet marketing topics can become quite boring, especially when delivered in a monologue format reminiscent of classroom lectures.”

In Freedom Ocean podcasts, audiences get to listen to conversations between marketers James and Tim in a casual setting, where Reid gets Schramko to reveal many of his secrets through a series of queries.

“Our conversations tend to appear like talk shows on radio or television, only without the commercial breaks, topic and time restrictions. Doing the Podcast on my own might have had a completely different outcome. While our educational topics usually go deep into internet marketing, an entertainment factor is added through meaningful dialogues. The feedback we’ve been getting is awesome and we look forward to providing our listeners with even more valuable takeaways in future episodes.” – James Schramko

Episode 20 of Freedom Ocean talks about Delivering High Quality Information Products and can be streamed and/or downloaded via and iTunes, free of charge.

About Freedom Ocean

Collaboration of The Ideas Guy, Tim Reid and internet marketing expert James Schramko. Together they tackle some of the hottest topics in online marketing. Tim poses a million questions and James provides a million answers. Podcasts can be streamed or downloaded at or iTunes.



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