Conversions Can Be The Life Or Death Of Your Online Business

Conversions Can Be The Life Or Death Of Your Online Business

When it comes to conversions in any business a lot of us take no notice. Or just don’t take the time to look or find out what there advertisements or webpages convert at… Now I can understand with todays social media fanatacism.. People spending up to 12 or more hours a day on a computer doing menial tasks like reading emails and FB updates A lot of other things can and do get brushed aside..

I remember frequently one of my mentors saying not everyone has a video face.. And while what he says about that subject the fact is that many people do not pull it off well talking in front of a camera.. Now I have another mentor that says pull out the camera no matter how bad you look and you will get better.. And in some cases I might agree but definetely not all of them.. Though what making lots of videos does do.. Is it makes you overcome your fear of public speaking and shyness when done regularly for a long period of time…

In years gone by I made a lot of camtasia videos with just music and writing, and the conversions I used to get where crazy I had one page that converted at 33-40% for people opting in.. Now for a very basic video and webpage I thought this was pretty awesome, I built a list from this of well over 1000 Subscribers and made about $8000 of sales for one software product using this method alone..


One of my more recent mentors suggests just turning on the video camera and talking making a you tube video daily.. Which I did but after looking at the conversion rates for the camtasia videos via videos of me talking. The camtasia ones converted 10 times as good into sales or optins.. So I decided I needed to do more powerpoint videos instead. But didn’t really get round to doing too many of them..

It just so happens that one of the capture page software systems I use gives you the exact conversion rate of all your capture pages etc.. So just tonight I happened to stumble upon one of my capture pages and when I looked it had 11,000 plus views and only 16 subscribers so it was not even a 1% conversion rate it showed 0%.. Of course when I looked at the optin page I realised it was a bad video I had made one day and forgot to change it with a new one.. Also there where not any good calls to action hardly at all… In fact it sucked… lol..

So I decided to do a little experiment tonight.. So basically I changed around the videos headline and created a new powerpoint video with some music playing in the background.. So it will be interesting to see the difference in conversions now after I made some pretty good tweaks.. Now it might not convert like my old capture page at 33%-40% but I think it will be a damn sight better than the last one…

Up until recently it didn’t really dawn on me the difference that a conversion rate can make for your business and I didn’t focus too much on it.. But it hit me on the head tonight even though that was not a main capture page where I send visitors too.. If my conversion rate was 33% out of 11500 views on my page I would have had nearly 4000 New Subscribers instead of 16 and be sure from that I could have made easily an extra 20k in sales..

So keep an eye on your conversion rates if you have no idea what I am talking about? Then you should buy this capture page software it shows you the conversions automatically. So you do not need to be a genius to work out what your conversion rates are.. Or to even find out your conversion rates.

You Can See The Software I Use HERE

If you think about it you can spend lots of time and money sending visitors to your websites, but if your conversion sucks either at your capture page or your sales page..  Then you are going to end up either broke or a lot less well off than you could have been..  So take some time to learn and check what your conversion rates are

Conversions Can Be The Life Or Death Of Your Online Business

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