Wolf Of Wall Street Review

Wolf Of Wall Street Review

It was a couple of months ago that one of my friends told me about the film the Wolf Of Wall Street. He really enjoyed it and I have a lot of respect for him so when he told me I should watch it I made a point of doing it..  It was a very interesting film, highly entertaining but lots of things to learn from it as well.  It just so happened that my friend told me that I was friends with the star of the show on Facebook.  Jordan Belfort which I didn’t even know, don’t get me wrong I have had lots of weird things happen to me before..  Like Barry Sotoero on my Aweber email list and Obama following me on Twitter..  But I was still pretty surprised to know that I was friends with a real life person who was a box office hit in the cinema without my knowledge.

The film had a lot of crazy stuff going on like drugs lots of womanizing and a few rackets going on.. But in amongst that there was a good lesson to learn from the film for anyone in a sales business.  I thoroughly enjoyed the film and so did my partner…  And would highly recommend it.  In fact I have found a lot of Jordan Belforts videos on You Tube and have been watching some of the systems and trainings he does which seem pretty awesome to me..

If you are planning to go and see a movie this year or many movies make sure you add this one to your to do list..  It will not dissapoint you 🙂

Here Is A Picture Of My Facebook Account


There are a few of his videos which I posted on my blog you can see them by clicking the links below

How To Build Rapport With Your Customers

State Management Jordan Belfort

The movie, was actually based on Jordan Belfort’s autobiography, It takes people doing crazy things to  an extreme level that the film doesn’t just stand as one of the best of 2013; it’s one of the best and most deranged films  ever made.

DiCaprio even talks a bit to the camera on a few occasions,  It’s in these moments, and during Belfort’s drug fueled “Rouse the Troops” his awesome  speeches, where DiCaprio does his best acting to date.

Jonah Hill, completely will blow you away as Jordan Belfort’s partner. , the rest that follows definetely will stand  as one of the best Scorsese films. And that is an understatement..  🙂

The best film of 2013 didn’t receive  any Oscars, but it did get Leonardo  DiCaprio a Golden Globe Award  for the Best Performance in a Comedy. What a strange catagoriazation ….

So what on earth are you waiting for get down to the cinema or DVD or wherever and watch it today ..  Go and book your tickets will make a great night out or in..  Make sure your young kids are away if you are wanting to keep them innocent..  As I am sure after watching this movie they would have a lot of questions…


Wolf Of Wall Street Review

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