Controversial Free Internet Marketing eBook Reveals Why So Many Internet Marketers Are Failing.

Controversial Free Internet Marketing eBook Reveals Why So Many Internet Marketers Are Failing.

Newark, NJ (PRWEB) November 17, 2006

Ever since the Internet became a prime time consumer application of choice, more and more people across the world are embracing it not only as their primary source for information but also as a beacon of financial hope through which they dream of finding “overnight financial success”; thus the allure of apparent easy riches has enticed thousands to join the ever growing world of Internet marketing.

However what is soon discovered by new initiates to Internet marketing is that success is almost as elusive as the proverbial “Holy Grail”. The reality is that there are far more failing Internet marketers than successful ones. But this grim picture is little apparent, perhaps not surprisingly because of the abundance of Internet marketing success stories festooned across the Internet.

Focusing mainly on the sub-category of Internet marketing known as affiliate marketing, “Best Kept Marketing Secret” ebook separates itself from the rest of the crowd by addressing controversial issues that are rarely ever tackled by other marketing ebooks.

Such issues include:

how only relatively few individuals are actually finding the wild financial success commonly touted on thousands of Internet marketing sites

why and how those few Internet marketers are succeeding

how tools of evidence (testimonials and screen shots) are commonly manipulated to persuade individuals to buy marketing products

how misinformation is so pervasive in the Internet marketing world

with respect to Google Adsense, how Internet marketing gurus have been misleading novice marketers into buying bogus products that simply don’t work

Ultimately “Best Kept Marketing Secret” is written not with the intention to discourage individuals who are venturing into Internet marketing but rather is designed to apprise them of the pitfalls, hurdles and harsh realities involved with succeeding in such a competitive field.

“Best Kept Marketing Secret” is freely available at



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