Carbon Copy System Offers Internet Marketing Jobs to Marketing Experts

The growth of the Internet has seen a whole new industry of SEO and Internet marketing professionals who make money from optimizing websites and getting them ranked in search engines. In the last few years Internet marketing experts have also been able to cash in on social media networks,, online classifieds and a host of other places.

One home based business opportunity is giving Internet marketing experts the opportunity to showcase their skills to earn an extra part time or full time income.

The business model includes a host of highly developed websites, landing pages and a funnel system which sorts and sifts leads so that marketing experts do not need to worry about making cold calls but rather getting traffic to their websites.

Many Internet marketing jobs rely on the  employees to work long hours for minimal pay and they do not offer long term job security since many jobs now are outsourced to India and other countries around the world.

This new business model allows Internet marketing pros to earn a residual based income selling a unique product online with a full support and training staff to help them along the way. This program does not rely on affiliate programs, selling e-books or dealing with traditional Internet marketing headaches.

Many of the people using this new online business are former corporate executives who were sick and tired of working long hours and commutes into crowded freeways.

Internet marketing pros who are tired of making other people rich based on their efforts will love this new work from home business model”, said marketing expert Sean Callahan who with his Real Estate Marketing Nerds business helped real estate agents sell hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate and make tens of thousands of dollars in commisisons.

“We were good at helping others make money but needed the right job and business model to earn the money we were worth. This online business opportunity provides a residual based income and is not an MLM, which is a great plus for those looking to build on sales every month and get a consistant paycheck. This business model is ideal for anyone with Internet marketing skills who is tired of working a 9-5 job”, Callahan finished.

For any Internet marketing pros who are looking for a job and opportunity that allows you to make a 5 digit to 6 digit monthly income visit the following websites: or


Sean Callahan is an internet marketing expert who has worked with hundreds of business across the United States for the past 7 years. He is the editor for and helps home based entrepreneurs make money from home in addition to working with small business owners.

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