Does Your Business Make Money When You Are Off Sick?

Does Your Business Make Money When You Are Off Sick?

Have you ever asked yourself this question before?

If you stopped working today, how much money would your job or business bring you in over the next week month or even over the next few years.  Would you and your family still be able to live the lifestyle that you are accustomed to or would you and your family live a lifestyle of financial challenge?

The truth of the matter is that many families live paycheck to paycheck,  meaning if there next one or two paycheck stopped they would be in financial hardship.  Just to pay things like there house or rent, property taxes, utility billls, food etc..  Sometimes this reality sets in a little bit late.

Maybe they fall and break a bone or get an unexpected illness or one of their family gets sick.


The bad news is that stuff like this happens to people like us in life  every single day.

The good news is we can make things a lot easier financially by planning out a good business that pays you residually whether you go to work or not.


Think About It!!

All the companies that make the most money all have the same things in common they get paid daily, weekly or monthly in some cases annually no matter what.


Who do you pay regularly.


You pay the oil companies to put fuel in your gas tank daily or weekly

You pay oil companies to put oil in your central heating

You Pay the gas companies to supply you with gas

You pay a mobile phone company for a mobile phone monthly

You pay the Electric company to supply you with electricity.

You may pay your bank or mortgage company to pay your mortgage or loans for your home or properties?

You may pay a finance company monthly for your car?

You may pay a credit card company monthly as well?

You pay to licence your vehicles

You pay Car or vehicle Taxes on your vehicles probably annually or every 6 months

Food And Groceries , Daily Or Weekly

Christmas Gifts Annually

Anniversary Gifts, Annually

Birthday Gifts, Annually

Perhaps an annual holiday or two or 3 a year.

Get Cashback when you shop


And the list goes on and on.


This is the magic question you now need to ask yourself?

Who pays me weekly , monthly or annually and If I cannot work tomorrow will they continue to pay me the same money as what I will require to pay all the  expenses that are listed above.


If the answer is Yes then you are on the right track congratulations!! 

If your answer is no. Then the road you are going down could be the road to disaster later down the line.


So what can you do about it, well once again there are once again many different options.

1. You can do nothing and hope you live forever and hope neither yourself or your family will ever have any complications to need to leave your job.

2. You can do the lottery and hope you are that that one in 400 million people that hit the jackpot and do not have to worry about money again.

3. Setup your own oil company a little expensive and possibly a steep learning curve.

4. Start researching different ways to create passive income streams and hope to find one that suits your budget skills and mindset.

5. You can copy me and join a business that makes me a passive residual income whether I am sick or well?


I personally have now solved this problem and today I am offering you a possible solution.  Some work is required especially in the beginning to get your business going.  It is so worth it though to be able to have the opportunity to not have to worry about what your boss says or worry when you want or need to take the day off and still get paid.

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Or you can do what you have always done and hope something will change.  It’s entirely up to you.




Does Your Business Make Money When You Are Off Sick?

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