Big Tech Hates You (Here’s what we can do about it)

Big Tech Hates You (here’s what we can do about it)Did you realise yet that all the big technology companies hate the little guy?

If you are an online marketer, networker, or do affiliate marketing they want to keep you broke.
I remember sitting in a seminar 12 years ago and there were 4000 plus people in the room and one multi-millionaire marketer announced if you remember this you won’t go wrong just remember that Google hates you.
So does big tech but he forgot to mention that. 


At the time this seemed almost unreal but over the years I have realised that this is true way beyond a doubt. 
Why you may ask?  Well, how is it that I figured it out?


First Youtube deleted my account with over 350 videos and over 1000 subscribers a loss of 2k a month for me because I made a video showing how to get more Twitter followers 100% legally and ethically in fact the video had over 4000 positive comments and 20,000 views.
Two weeks later Twitter suspended my account for 5 years with over 80,000 followers at the time.
I then started using Google Adwords, in the beginning, I made a few mistakes and it cost me a fortune. In fact, I lost money. Then I invested $1200 on a Google Pay Per Click Course and started bringing in sales and new members into my business very profitably on Autopilot.


Unfortunately, too many of the little guys had started making a killing(A Lot of money using PPC and affiliate marketing) So Google decided to target anyone on PPC who was making money and shut down lots of Google PPC accounts for breaching their new Terms Of Service IE Advertising their affiliate link on Pay Per Click, yes my Google AdWords account was blocked.


I decided at this stage I would use Google SEO to get traffic so I created 650 Keyword exact match domain websites these all ranked for about two years at no 1 -3 position organically on Google. This went great I was getting lots of subscribers traffic making money from advertising and affiliate marketing from my blogs and websites until they created their new Google Panda update which made exact match domains disappear from the top of Google even if they were the most relevant targeted websites for their viewers.


They say this Google update was about the customers, but here is what happened if John smith in Ohio had a shop selling car parts and his online website/blog was called Car Parts He would have ranked in the number one position when someone typed into Google “Car Parts Ohio” after the Google update If someone who lived in Ohio typed in the search car parts Ohio they would now get websites like Amazon car parts for sale Ohio, Ebay car parts for sale, Craigslist Car parts for sale at the top of the search results even if the products being sold were not anywhere near Ohio or relevant.


After this happened I focused on my main blogs my personal ones and just used Facebook Pages (Which then dropped to 1% of people who liked your page seeing your posts on your page) posting on my Facebook profile posting on another Twitter account I made with less than 1000 followers, and in lots of Facebook Groups and Pinterest. Plus creating about 60 posts per day using post scheduling software like Hootsuite.


Then Facebook began hiding posts that are scheduled on Facebook or worse still they started deleting the photos, Then they started disappearing posts that had a link to your blog or website as they want to keep everyone on Facebook all the time. So that they can get information about you and sell it on, and get everyone to advertise with them if they want their stuff seen.


Then they started allowing Facebook Lives, all you needed to do was create a Facebook Live and all your friends and followers would be notified and you would get lots of viewers, tens or maybe hundreds or even thousands of viewers in some cases.
Of course, people learned how to utilise this service to make money again on Facebook, (not what big tech wants) They want the money instead so they stopped notifying people and instead they allowed you to invite lots of friends to your FB Lives.
For people who did not know this or could not be bothered sending all the invites many of their Facebook Lives would be nearly empty.  Then they started giving you warnings if you invite too many people to your lives. Need I go on?


Of course, we could let these huge companies put us out of business with their fancy games or we can use all their nasty tricks to get us more inspired and not let their shenanigans beat us. One of the things I do to stop myself from being censored or blocked by big tech is creating my own content on my own land


If you have had your eyes open on Facebook recently you may have realised all the censorship in regards to the scamdemic including doctors being silenced on Youtube and Facebook, and whether you like him or hate him, the mainstream media Facebook ETC. Censoring the president of their own country and only posting or showing stuff created by the mainstream media lies and censorship doing their best to make him look bad.


I have been in one business for a very long time and in all those years the guys who run it are very positive, and normally wouldn’t talk about politics, etc but after seeing their own posts getting blocked for posting the truth on Facebook and seeing their pages reach with huge amounts of followers being shown to only a half percent of the people who liked and followed them. they recently have moved their pages groups, etc over to Mewe. And moved their team chats onto Telegram.
The reason for this is that on Mewe your posts get shown to 100% of the people who like your page when you compare that to Facebook it means with half a percent of your followers seeing your page if you have a page on Mewe with 1000 followers you are going to get more views on your stuff than with a Facebook page of 100,000 followers double the views in fact. As well as this your posts are not censored and the truth on Mewe is not followed by some complete nonsense Facebook Fact Checker Article.


If you want your business to be able to grow properly without being hidden censored or silenced by Big Tech you need to be everywhere, I think it is highly unlikely for every social network to hide your content, though in the big main ones it is.
So I have made a list of social networks to join and share your stuff.  Your posts your videos your beliefs the things you see going on in the world around you. Don’t let these people or companies stop allowing you the right to Free Speech.


Vote with your time your money and your wallet in the places that actually support you your family and your business.
Update Got my 14 Year old Facebook Account Suspended in summer 2022 without a valid reason and also lost admin access two a couple of hundred Facebook Groups and pages which where handed over to some random strangers
Thanks Facebook 🙂


One of the things I make sure in my business is that I use hosting tools and software that will not be affected by big tech this means I do not have to worry about my income being affected by them either.


I have put together a great list of tools that will help you launch or make your business take off when used correctly.  I am here to give you help just Click the Blue Video or Audio Call button on the top right-hand side of my blog/website with any questions you may have.


Here is a list of social networks that I suggest you join to promote your business Click Here if you promote your stuff on all these networks you will not need to worry about all your stuff being censored


And Below is a video I made last night showing how to share your content and another Free moneymaking opportunity especially good for anyone with a blog or website


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Big Tech Hates You (here’s what we can do about it)

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