BidClix Introduces Advanced “Review Ads” Tool, Providing More Control and Transparency for Publishers Selling Internet Advertising

BidClix Introduces Advanced “Review Ads” Tool, Providing More Control and Transparency for Publishers Selling Internet Advertising

SEATTLE, WA (PRWEB) November 23, 2005

BidClix, Inc. (, an open advertising marketplace and advertising auction technology provider, announced today that it has introduced a fully transparent system for publishers to control the ads that appear on their sites.

The newly launched “Review Ads” tool gives full control over to the publisher. Publishers and bloggers can easily review all of the ads that are bidding to be on their websites. They can select individual ads for specific sections of their sites, picking the ads they know will perform the best.

BidClix fully discloses its revenue share terms with publishers and bloggers who can also see exactly how much they will earn from individual ads. This industry-leading level of transparency, combined with an auction pricing mechanism, generates higher revenue for sellers of internet advertising.

BidClix creates open platforms for online advertisers and website publishers to transact.

“Our purpose is to bring these parties together, to facilitate multiple, mutually beneficial relationships. For us, it’s about making connections” writes Paul Needham in his personal blog (

The new Review Ads tool is available to all publishers whether they are using the turnkey BidClix Advertising Marketplace or the ActiveMarket hosted advertising technology.

1. BidClix Advertising Marketplace

An open advertising marketplace bringing together buyers and sellers of Internet advertising. Publishers list their advertising opportunities in the marketplace, naming their own price. The free listing in the marketplace gives the publisher exposure to over 11,000 pay per click advertisers.

2. ActiveMarket Technology

A fully branded, private label, technology solution enabling publishers to operate their own self-serve advertising marketplace. Publishers can sell directly to their own advertisers under their own brand.

More information about the two solutions is available here:

About BidClix:

BidClix provides online advertising technology solutions to website publishers and online advertisers. The BidClix Advertising Marketplace is an online advertising network with over 17,321 registered publishers and 11,900 registered advertisers. BidClix serves approximately 1.1 billion advertisements per month, reaching an estimated 25 million individual consumers in the U.S. and international markets.

BidClix, Inc.

1137 9th Ave. West

Seattle, WA 98119

Phone: 206 686 2802

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