Avoid Google Slap With A Capture Page?

Avoid Google Slap With A Capture Page?

A couple of months ago I interviewed Armand Morin In Dublin at The Ultimate Marketing seminar.One Of The Questions I Asked him was about the Google Slap on Affiliate Products.He said the most important things are your keywords and page quality but Google is not letting people advertise the same domains on adwords I.E. Affiliate links without giving you a low quality score the best way around it Armand Said was to create a capture page with your own Domain.For many affiliate marketers that can be a nightmare especially if you are promoting many different products as you then need to start making a new capture page for every product you promote.

Which can also be a lot of work or alot of money to pay someone to make them.There are ready made capture page systems but to Google they will still be classed as affiliate links, which defeat the purpose although I have discovered a way to avoid this plus make a capture page yourself in the process in three mins.If You Watch The Video below you will find out more details, but this is a great way to advertise multiple affiliate products quickly and easily.Building you a huge list plus avoiding the Google Slap at the same time which will also put money back in your pocket.

Avoid Google Slap Using A Capture Page

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