Are You Feeling Stuck In Your Online Business?

Are You Feeling Stuck In Your Online Business?

The thing is every day I come across countless people that are stuck when it comes to promoting their business online. The reason for this is many people are being given out advice from people who are hammering their phone contacts disturbing people for hours at a time on messenger with fake messages pretending they want to know how you are before hitting you up within three messages about their business opportunity.

Are You Feeling Stuck In Your Business

Yes, I hear the stories about people recruiting umpteen people a day on FB messenger and if you enjoy disturbing and annoying people in a fake manner and don’t really worry about your reputation then it could be ideal.

If you have been in a few network marketing companies doing dinosaur marketing on the phone, you will know what it feels like when good friends or family don’t answer the phone to you because you are going to give them the next biggest best business deal of the century to join again for the umpteenth time.

The thing is you could make the same or more sales probably just walking around door to door disturbing people just as well but you probably don’t? Maybe you should ask yourself why? could it be because it is a crap way to sell stuff and alienate people, most people do not want to be sold to. They just wanna buy things that they like or things that will help them solve their problems.

By setting up a proper online business you can put yourself in front of people with a problem, and dangle the carrot they are looking for right in front of their faces without pissing them off.  Although it may require some tools and software and may not be as simple as knocking on your next-door neighbours door asking them how they are and telling them all about your latest business opportunity. It is a lot more targeted and works better when set up properly.

Ask yourself a question would you prefer people arranging calls with you to set up businesses and buy the stuff they need or calling you on messenger for advice.  Rather than chasing after people who were never going to be customers in the beginning and pissing them off in the process?

With over 15 years of helping people to set up and start their online businesses, creating their WordPress Blogs and websites as well as their sales funnels payment and affiliate systems, and autoresponder campaigns I can teach you a thing or two to take you from where you are now online to where you actually want to be on your online journey.

Like with any business there are so many stumbling blocks you can hit, things like signing up to a course with a newbie with 1 or two years of online experience.   If they haven’t learned the business properly yet? Then how are they going to teach you or create a website that makes money?  The biggest one I normally hear is people who go to a web designer to make a website so they can make money.  The thing is if a web designer works for two or three months at a time making a website for 3K.  Chances are they don’t know how to make money online using websites blogs funnels and online systems.

People who work with me are working with someone who has made multiple one-off and residual income streams online in multiple online niches and even offline ones that generated money and customers online.

Of course, people often have that Ostrich mentality and bury their head in the sand hoping that something will change, someday when they make some money from their non-existent online business or posting on Facebook. They will buy the tools they need to get things started, the problem is while their head is in the sand life will probably just run all over them. And that is a choice that we make every day.  The question is what are you going to do to take your business online to the next level?

Are you going to be the lion that just grabs that sucker and makes things happen or the Ostrich that waits with its head in the sand waiting for something to happen or asking what happened?

Remember there are 3 Kinds of people

  1. People who make things happen.
  2. People who watch things happen.
  3. And people who say what happened?

You decide which one you are wanting to be.  If you are wanting to transition to the first one feel free to Click This Link To Book A Free 30 Minute Digital Marketing Consultation 

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Are You Feeling Stuck In Your Online Business?

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