Affiliate Classroom Launches New Affiliate Sales Competition

Gaithersburg, MD (PRWEB) November 6, 2005

From November 8th to November 22nd, The Affiliate Classroom (AC) will be launching its first sales competition that will be open to anyone who is either a member of the Classroom or part of the AC Affiliate Program.

In keeping with Affiliate Classroom’s mission to provide unmatched support to affiliate marketers, winners will earn prizes that are more than merely monetary in value. According to Affiliate Classroom CEO Anik Singal top performing affiliates will be rewarded “in a truly unique way that will help build and expand their business,” and added, “What we are offering is next to impossible for anyone to buy into.”

Prizes will go to affiliates in several different categories including:

Highest number of sales

Second highest amounts of sales

Largest number of affiliates recruited

Highest number of sales in a single day

First sale on a pre-determined day

Affiliates achieving ten sales

Affiliates achieving even one sale

Affiliates who compete are eligible to win in more than one category. The event should prove to be fun as well as challenging giving a chance for both established and beginner affiliates an opportunity to be rewarded handsomely. The winner with the greatest number of sales alone will be compensated with rewards and a business development package worth more than $ 11,000 in value.

Individuals who wish to participate can sign up for free at any point leading up to and during the competition. Participants must be registered as either members of The Affiliate Classroom or join The Affiliate Classroom Affiliate Program. For more information regarding rules and eligibility visit:

Contact Info

Anik Singal, Founder and CEO, The Affiliate Classroom


Anik Singal is the Founder and CEO of The Affiliate Classroom, a premium virtual training center for affiliate marketers of all experience levels. The Affiliate Classroom provides up-to-date training materials for affiliate marketers to help them attract more traffic, boost conversions, and increase ROI. Singal has been a highly trusted Internet marketing and affiliate program consultant since 2003.

About Affiliate Classroom

The Affiliate Classroom is a virtual training and education company that works with thousands of affiliates, from complete newcomers to advanced marketers, so they can become top earners. In less than one year, The Affiliate Classroom has become the leading Internet marketing training company, accessed weekly by thousands of affiliates looking for reliable and realistic online marketing education. The Affiliate Classroom is 70% run by affiliates, and has begun to attract the attention of Fortune 500 companies.

About Affiliate Classroom Magazine

Affiliate Classroom (AC) Magazine represents a dynamic new concept in trade publications. Written by and for online affiliate marketers, this 100% digital business magazine is offered free, without email registration, to its readers. Each issue focuses on practical affiliate marketing business models, methodologies, and strategies, and contains live links to both advertisers and featured sites. A subsidiary of The Affiliate Classroom, AC Magazine has attracted the attention of affiliate industry leaders, who recognize it as an information leader in online marketing education.

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