Why 90% Of People Go Back To Their 9 To 5 And Why

Why 90% Of People Go Back To Their 9 To 5 And Why


The truth about online business is that the majority of people, end up back in a 9 To 5 Job. There are a lot of reasons for that. That’s why in today’s post I want to talk about these reasons, and how you can avoid becoming another victim of these sad statistics.

1. People are programmed via school,church,Television and Radio,magazines and media that they need to act in a certain way. If you are surrounded by a specific programme long enough and often enough, then eventually you will start to believe and act like this. The indoctrination starts via government workers IE, Doctor’s Nurses, Teachers, Television and lots of other different places. The first step in changing this programme is becoming aware of it in the first place as sometimes people can not see the wood for the trees..

2. Society is programmed with a victim like mentality who bows down to authority. In order to control you, governments and the rich who run the world need to keep you compliant, they do not want you to question authority that is why they create the illusion of government. They want you to be dependant on them. That way they can create new laws to steal from you and put it down to government beaurocracy.

3. People are programmed from a very young child to go to school do what they are told and not question the teachers who are the all powerful rulers, This transfers over to the  government, police army, Tax Authorities, ETC ETC as you grow older. Using the illusion of a two or three party system, they tell you that you control the country by voting.The only problem is all the parties work for the same objective, and that is to steal money from the people by creating statutes and laws. That they use to take your money and belongings or  your time from you.

4. Everyone get’s told a price they are worth for minimum wage by the government, kind of a lowly paid continuation of school where they are told they are worth $7 an hour or whatever it is with juveniles often getting much less through other creative government schemes.

5. They are programmed to come in at 9am work till 5pm do exactly what they are told and then go home and forget about it till the next morning. In exchange for becoming dependant on a weekly or monthly wage from the employer. The government then takes a cut of between 15% up to 70% of their money for taxes which the so called government who are actually private limited corporations keep and look after for you.

6. In fact at birth we are programmed to sign our children over to the state via a birth certificate and told that without that we can not be a part of a society. That is why governments, hospitals and schools can take your children off you. Because you have already signed them over to the government.

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7. We do the same when it comes to our vehicles whenever you fill in a vehicle registration form you are actually registering your vehicle to the government that is why on your registration document like mine. You will notice that you are named as the keeper not the owner of the car, this means the so called government corporations, can tow away your car for many reasons, as it was never yours to begin with after you filled in the registration form.

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8. If you are not aware of these things, then it is easy to get into a corrupted mindset bubble and think in a certain way.

9. You may think that if you buy an online product that says you can make money that the money should come automatically.

10. You may think because it is an internet business and you have seen a video sales page saying it is easy to make money online. You perhaps believe it is.

11. Maybe because you do not get a big payout from your new online business in one month 3 months or 6 months you think it doesn’t work or it is a scam because your brother in law who works for the council tells you it is.

12. Something else that tends to happen is because you have no boss you may not sit and work from 9 to 5 at your online business because there is no boss to fire you. So you quit before you get successful or you do not do the work that is required.

13. When running an online business, there are various steps and things you often need to do to make money online, and even if you are working hard if a few of these steps might not be being done. You could end up making no money get bored eventually and quit believing it does not work.

14.You could write lots of great content and not send anyone to an opt in page to build a list of clients or subscribers.

15. You could maybe not add a call to action at the end of your content with a buy button or join my business opportunity button at the end.

16. Because you have been programmed to be an employee, you might be scared to sell anything?


In fact there are so many other reasons that a large amount of people online fail.



Here are some of the things you can do to ensure you do not fail online.


1. Do not have a plan B (Yes, sometimes you need to burn your bridges because when you leave them open you will keep going back to them)

2. Decide to be unstoppable promise yourself you will never quit until you reach your goals to success.

3. Make sure you have a strong reason why you need to be successful and to really want it.

4. Realise this journey could (Not Will) but could take ten years before you will become truly successful so take it a day at a time step by step getting better and learning new stuff every day.

5. Find someone who is successful and do what they do, otherwise you may not become as successful as them after you are creating the success you want. It will always be possible to make a few tweaks to suit you.

6. Don’t be cheap and try and do everything for free otherwise you will attract other cheap people into your organization and end up broke, like the group of people you surround yourselves with.

7. Remember if the three people you hang around with the most is broke? Then you probably are too normally the three people that someone spends the most time with has an income which averages the three people they hang around with.

8. So if you want to be more successful online find other successful online marketers and hang around with them more than your brother in law who works for the council. 🙂


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Why 90% Of People Go Back To Their 9 To 5 And Why

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