5 Tips for Better SEO Brand Management

5 Tips for Better SEO Brand Management


SEO is one of the most important tools in online marketing. The majority of all the SEO strategies on implemented by businesses have been used as a means to advertise a business enterprise by driving more traffic to the business’s website.


However, SEO can come in handy in brand and reputation management when used appropriately. Herein are five of the best strategies to deploy with an intent on brand management:


#1. Using Brand-Oriented Domain Names Rather Than SEO Dominated Domain Names


SEO-oriented domain names have come across as one of the best methods to shore up business and drive sells. In this regard, hyphenated keywords domain names are very popular with marketers in search of high ranks quickly. However, this strategy has deficiencies in as far as branding is concerned. This sort of domain names cannot be used to create long-lasting brands.


On the other hand, using brand-oriented domain names creates a recognizable brand that goes far and beyond to secure the image of your company in the long term.


#2. Opt To Use Content Rich Websites


Content rich websites are some of the best ways of improving the brand of a business enterprise, especially when the blog post or article is a well-ranked piece. Content directories in this regard can be used to improve the ranking of a business’s website. Even though they have little to no short-term gains in terms of sales, in the grand scheme of things, they are very important in and will pay off.


#3. Respond To Online Queries Promptly


One of the most important aspects of creating a proper and strong brand is keeping in touch with the customers. Every high-profile brand that is renowned is bound to receive a barrage of queries, criticisms and complaints in the course of their operation. When online platforms are used to send such queries, the record remains for all to see. It is thus important to handle each and every query that your clients and or customer may have. This improves your brand image a being responsive to customer needs and queries and ensuring you’ve a good reputation.


#4. Be Active To Look For Discussions And Criticisms


A good tell-tale sign that you brand has grown is that there are discussions revolving around it as well as your company, and they seem to crop out of many different places. Customer and clients are known discuss their experiences with products to give other potential consumers insights into the expected experience of using those products.


You should keep tabs on such discussions. One of the most effective ways of keeping abreast on such discussions is through Google Alerts. Being informed will ensure that you respond to criticisms even when the audience does not expect a response. In this regard, it will build your brand as a business as being a proactive and customer-centric business. Here are some other good tools.


#5. Register All The Domain Names


Finally, you should consider registering and renewing the registration of all the brand-related domain names annually. This will cushion your search engine ranking from being watered-down by competitors, disgruntled customers or any other party by preventing the use of your brand names to ruin your reputation.

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