5 Daily Moneymaking Activities – Your Key To Making More Money Online

5 Daily Moneymaking Activities – Your Key To Making More Money Online

Okay so you started an online business and want to make lots of money, day in and day out I see people who make silly mistakes when it comes to generating money from their online business.

The first one I would suggest to you is to do 5 moneymaking activities daily

Don’t get confused by what a money-making activity is this is the key to You actually making more money online.

Here are some things that people think are moneymaking activity’s Versus something that is actually a moneymaking activity


Before we start into it let’s just define a little what a moneymaking activity is

Any activity online that you do that can lead to you making a sale or some money either instantly or in the future.

A money-making activity is not steps you take towards creating something to sell at a later stage or creating content for your followers on social media unless that content leads to a sale.

A money-making activity is not a webinar course or training where someone tells you what to do to make money online

Of course, there are thousands of money-making activities you could do to make money online but let’s just give a few quick examples so you can get an idea


Here are a few examples of actions you could take to help you make more money in your online business

  1. List a product or something that you have lying around the house you no longer need on eBay or Amazon.
  2. List a Gig on Fiverr selling a product or offering a service if you don’t know what to sell look at other Fiverr Gigs for ideas on what products or services that you could offer or you could think out of the box and come up with your own cool sales strategy.
  3. Join intellifuence as an influencer and sign up for jobs today I posted an article of 800 Words on my blog with a backlink to someone’s website and got paid $225 for it. 
  4. Think of some services or products that you could offer buy a good shopping cart and sell things on your own blog or website.
  5. Create a blog or website and offer paid advertisements these could be blog or writing placements or they could be banner advertising or video shout outs (mentions) on your blog/website or on your social media channels 
  6. Create A YouTube Video showing some tips info or great content and post a link in the description of your video or direct your readers to a link where you are selling or recommending something that will pay you commissions.
  7. Post some of your blog posts or videos selling a product or service or product reviews on multiple social networks
  8. Post a WA Blog Post Like This One with your affiliate link so if someone takes a free website or becomes a paid member you get paid.


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5 Daily Moneymaking Activities – Your Key To Making More Money Online

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