2 Years Ago I Changed My Mind About Crypto Here’s Why

2 Years Ago I Changed My Mind About Crypto Here’s Why

After digital marketing online for over 16 years I have always been pestered by people with Crypto opportunities, unfortunately, a huge amount of those so-called opportunities were scams. As with all upcoming things the scammers come out to play most of the people who approached me wanted me to pay £2000 to join their new crypto coin that was going to be launched. Or lots of other Ponzi-type schemes for this reason I stayed away from buying crypto for many years.

This was firstly due to all the noise and scams and secondly due to the fact I had absolutely no knowledge or idea of how it worked so I continued to focus on my traditional online marketing business.

Until one day I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and read a post from one of my mentor’s mentors, in the post he stated even if you are dubious about Crypto here are the returns that people have made in the past 5 years.  You can go to a reputable Crypto exchange and buy weekly or monthly or whenever you choose and buy $10 of Crypto $50 of Crypto or $500 or more.

When compared to returns in the bank your Crypto could go up 100% in fact some Cryptos have gone up over 1,000,000% when you compare that to 1 or 2 percent interest on your Fiat Currency IE. Dollars, Euro’s or Pounds which has probably lost about 50% of its buying power in the last year having some Crypto seems to me to be a no-brainer.

One guy I listen to told me to buy a specific coin last year I bought it and at one stage it had gone up over 20 times what I paid for it. I bought a lot of other cryptos’s over the last year a few others have also gone up more than 10 times in value compared to fiat currency.

The thing about investing in Crypto is you do not need to be a salesperson, you do not need to refer anyone in order to make a return please note it is volatile so goes up and down in value compared to your Fiat currency If you buy short term and are in a hurry to take your money out it may not be ideal for you, generally over the long term it has been going up so as long as you can wait for the next bull run you should be able to make some profit.

Of course, I am not a financial advisor so this is only for educational purposes, not financial advice.

You can buy all sorts of Crypto on all sorts of different websites but I would suggest joining the big ones like CB and Crypto.com on Coinbase

With Learn And Earn you can watch videos and answer the questions at the end and get paid in Cryptocurrency

You can watch videos and get $10 of Bitcoin for free when you invest $100 if you use my referral link they will pay you and me both $10 with of Bitcoin they also offer two ten-dollar Bitcoin rewards when you do a recurring Crytopurchase of $50 or more for more than 8 weeks you get $10 of Bitcoin on week 4 and $10 of Bitcoin on week 8 and even if you don’t spend a penny you can still watch the Crypto videos and earn Cryptocurrency which can be changed at any time into pounds, dollars or Euro depending on where you live.

Here are 10 reasons you should be buying Cryptocurrency

  1. The largest banks and investors are all integrating Crypto and blockchain technology into their businesses
  2. Lots of Cryptocurrencies have been having astronomical growth over the last few years and we are still in the early stages as only a few million people are using Crypto so it’s in its infancy
  3. you can stake Cryptocurrency and get paid in Crypto here is a list of multiple Cryptocurrencies you can stake.

Ethereum (Coinbase) 4.50% APY

Algorand (Coinbase) 4.00% APY

Cosmos (Coinbase) 5.00% APY

Tezos (Coinbase) 4.63% APY

Chainlink (Crypto.com) 2.00 APY

Cordano (Crypto.com) 2.00% APY

Ethereum (Crypto.com) 5.50% APY

Polkadot (Crypto.com) 10.00% APY

Polygon (Crypto.com) 6.00% APY

Shiba INU (Crypto.com) 2.00% APY

Pancakeswap on (Pancakeswap.finance) 73.79% APY

Binance coin on (Trustwallet) 19.52% APY

Please note that these rates are subject to change but were correct at the time that this blog post was created

4. Earning Cashback when you shop 

5. Your money can rise or fall by large amounts 


If you want to get started in Crypto I am doing a monthly Crypto meetup where we help you get started in Cryptocurrency the cost is £50 Per month to join

If you are happy doing it without any further advice or knowledge then you can click on the two join links to JoinCrypto.com or Coinbase which is totally free for you to join

Just one last thing before you move past this page without doing anything one of the biggest converting websites that built me option lists of people on complete autopilot was a website offering cashback on your shopping, on average people got about 3% cashback but they had to jump through hoops and it was inconvenient.  Then all the big companies started leaving first Asda then Tesco then Marks And Spencer Curry’s and PC World.

When you click and Join Crypto above for free you will get cashback anywhere that you spend your money without jumping through hoops.  Without your shops needing to be a member of the cashback scheme with it coming up to Christmas there has never been a better time to start getting cashback on money that you will be spending anyway.

Money-back  on your holidays

Money-back  On Christmas Presents

Money-back  on home improvements

Money-back  when you buy a car

Money-back on your grocery shopping

Money-back on your Petrol Gasoline or Diesel

Click Here To Join For Free Today

As of this weekend, I am now getting 3% back in Crypto on everything I spend and I can instantly convert it into cash.

And you can too.

Any Questions Feel Free To Book A Free Call With Me Click Here

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