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1 To 1 Internet Marketing Coaching, Ok Maybe The Question You are Asking Yourself Is What Qualifies Me To Give You 1 To 1 Internet Marketing Coaching? This Is A Question I always Like To Ask Before Taking advice From Anyone And I Expect You to ask it Too.

Firstly I Have Spent In excess of £30,000 Pounds On Courses. Learning only From Millionaires or Multi Millionaire Internet Marketers Their Marketing Strategies.

These Internet Marketers Include Simon Coulson Who Made 6.5Million On The Internet In Four Years I Attended His Two Day Workshop In Kent Which He Teaches All His Strategies For Building A Million Pounds Per Year Internet Business.


Simon Coulson Coaching

I also went to an Andrew Reynolds Three Day Bootcamp In Brighton Where there where 4000 People If anyone knows about marketing Andrew Reynolds Does.
We where taught many techniques I was taught by People Such as.

Andrew ReynoldsMade £30 Million Pounds in Ten Years.
Ted Nicholas Billionaire Author.
Bill Glazer Top Copywriter.
Dan KennedyTop Copywriter.
Armand Morin60Million Dollar Internet Marketer.
Matt And AmandaEbay Powersellers.
Andrew and Daryl Grant1Million Information Marketers.
Adam GinsbergTop Ebay Powerseller.  
Simon CoulsonEx Bt Employee Made 6 Million in Four @Years.

And Many More

I also Signed For Armand Morins Course Internet Marketing Explained and His Big Seminar in Vegas Which is full of action packed information

I then spent Two days at Tom Hua’s Internet Marketing Workshop in London before going to the World Internet Summit In London For 4 Days.Where I was completely immersed in Internet Marketing Strategies For Four Whole Days.
The Speakers Included Armand Morin, Ewen Chia, Sean Roach, Mike Stewart The Internet Video Guy,Tom Hua, Brett Mcfall, Ray Edwards,Matt Bacak ,Tim Brocklehurst Dr Mike and

**FREE MENTORING** For A Limited


And For Only 7  People

I’m Offering The First  7 People A  FREE Hour  Mentoring Session. All You Have To Do Is Click On The Ask Sotiris Button Below And Submit Your Internet Marketing Questions   And How To Contact You, And We Can Schedule A Time To Chat… That’s It.
This is Your Chance. As I Will Not  Be Doing This For Very Long As I Have A Very Busy Schedule ! I Look Forward To Helping You Achieve Your Internet Goals And Dreams!


If you are  SICK or just Bored To Tears with the ‘Old’ network marketing tactics being taught by most companies today…

Are you looking for  PROPER solutions on how to get more leads, To market your business too, And want to start making  money in your business Today …

If you LOVE to meet  positive people, and surround yourself with  SUCCESS on a daily basis so you can get to where you want to go much faster and  take the fast  track to success…

If you have decided  to never stop and resolved to yourself  NEVER to give up on your DREAMS and to reach your true goals in life…

If you’re Ready To DO What It Takes To Be A Success…

If these qualities sound like you in some way then you are probably an ideal Entrepreneur who is ready to move to a higher level of knowledge   ‘Be a Part Of A Team When You Become A Member Of Our Mastermind Group .  Take the Secrets that we have to share with you and Fly to a different  level you will never be the same again,My Friend

We have two mentoring programs right now for you to choose based on your goals and needs…

If you’re looking for personal one-on-one mentoring where you can get personal attention and training, Tailored to your requirements, Then You  shall want  to do one of our monthly packages. Weekly 1 hour coaching and mentoring sessions.

*There is a ANOTHER OPTION, too… Join me in business and I’ll mentor you for FREE on The Mastermind System  (8 weekly mentoring sessions), a £497 value! Click On My ASK SOTIRIS  Button Above and send me a message wanting to know more about “Mastermind? Coaching package.

Silver      4 Weeks Internet Mentoring  Package


Gold         8 Weeks  Mentoring Package


Platinum Mentoring Package  12 Weeks


VIP Weekend        You Will Spend A Full Weekend With Me Learning All My Marketing Techniques And Strategies.


When you click below you’ll be taken to a video by Jonathan Budd where he gives you an opportunity to learn more about his 7 Figure Networker Programme.

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