Researching URL’s & Keywords for CPV Marketing Campaigns

Visit us at – Learn how to properly research URL’s and keywords to use when running a PPV CPV Marketing campaign. We take an example of an auto insurance CPA campaign and find relevant targets to bid on using tools and other resources such as Alexa and Quantcast.
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Video formats can adapt to numerous campaign goals by incorporating various mechanics and creative from across a marketers’ strategic channels, such as image galleries of print ads and photo shoots; out-takes and extended versions of TV and cinema ads; vouchers, special offers, sampling and trials; showroom and branch locators; and promotion of and access to special events. As such, the real time data derived from the online video ad can inform the entire integrated marketing process. Informed by the data, actions can be taken to optimise the campaign while it’s running. Once it ends, evaluating the data inspires the next campaign’s strategy. Ryan Van Fleet, Director, Insights and Analytics at Tremor Media explains how marketers should use data derived from online video ad campaigns.
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