Internet Marketing – Search Engines and 3 Absolutely Must Know Techniques

Have you ever thought about your Internet marketing content and why it isn’t first on the search engines generating you money?  We all know that if you want to get more perspective customers you need to rank high on the search engines.  Even if you write awesome content and are the best in the field, you still can rank low.  Here are three tips to help you rank higher in the search engines.

Three Proven and Tested Techniques

1. Keyword density – 2%-3% is the sweet spot for keyword density.  Search engines will look at your content and determine what your keywords are by the number of times they appear.  This is incredibly important for Internet marketing. Search engines count every time you use a keyword or phrase then divide that number by the total number of words. If the percentage is much greater than 3% th3 content is labeled as spam. Conversely if the percentage is lower than 2%, then it is assumed that the content isn’t about those keywords.  The experts claim no higher than 3% and I’ve tested this myself.

2. Relevancy – keep your content on track with what you’re saying but be sure to reference other items, ideas and tops that are closely related to your keywords. Keywords that have been thrown into text simply to get more hits will be ranked lower because they don’t relate to the rest of the content. Google found many websites built like this and now scan the entire content to make sure that it matches what it thinks the keywords are.

3. Only Words Count – Flash sites that include pictures sounds and programs don’t help get your site ranked high.  Search engines can’t see so all the images are wasted if you’re looking to get higher ranking.  If you want to be ranked you have to make sure the text of your content conveys your ideas and thoughts well enough to make the point. Search engines ignore pictures and sound and base their ranks off the text.

Top rank listings on the search engines are an absolute must in Internet marketing. Search engines scan millions of web pages daily. Complicated program at Google and Yahoo determines what your content is about and how high to rank you. Writing is hard enough without having to worry about how many keywords to use and if they fit your article but at the same time you need to tell Google and Yahoo what you’re writing about. These three tips have kept my content close to the top and high in the rankings on Google and Yahoo. We all know that if you are in Internet marketing, search engines are the most used way to get content to your customers. With these three tips your ranking will be as high as it can be making more sales for you.


Search engine optimization is one of many parts to Internet marketing.  Search engines get people to you but you still need other tools.  Discovering everything can take years by yourself.  Visit my webpage at to learn more about Internet marketing, search engines and a lot more.

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