How To Find A Mentor For Your Online Business

How To Find A Mentor For Your Online BusinessHow to find a mentor for your online business


I see this question quite regularly possibly because it’s such a good and relevant question to ask.

Especially for someone who is starting a new business online, the main thing is to do what you would do and any other aspect of your life.

Put it out there, start looking. When you start looking for a car or house or anything you start to see them all around you I once paid £12,000 for some real estate investment courses and  A mentorship

We had a class one day with a lady who is a property millionairess one of the things that she said was that instead of looking for small properties to rent, she started looking for million-dollar-plus Mansions that she could improve and flip or resell.

Most people are not looking for a 5 million pound Mansion but like she said when you start looking for them, you find them everywhere. yes, you generally get what you’re looking for this can be both positive and negative things so when you start looking and decide what specific kind of mentor you’re looking for. Then the chances are good that you will find them. Now using online websites forums and search engines it is easier than ever to find things.


If I ever have a problem finding a specific topic in the search engines, then I will type in my search topic into YouTube as well, as the answer is often explained better using video there.

Just make the decision to find what you are looking for taking these action steps alone will take you in the right direction, it is quite funny I often get this specific question on Quora how do I find a mentor for my online business.

Of course for these people, the answer is staring them right in the face possibly because they decided to put that question out there into the universe.


Even though I’m not big into religion the words seek and ye shall find come to mind, and this day and age you have many powerful tools using the internet to get answers to all your questions.

All you have to do is actually decide what you are looking for and then take immediate action.


One thing you do want to check out when looking for a mentor is to see that these people are real, there are many unsuccessful newbies out there pretending to be Internet Guru’s after they watched a video telling them how to make money as an Internet Marketing Consultant ETC…

So do your homework, ask yourself have these people been around the block a few times have they been able to show some good results or genuine testimonials, that are not from their friends or families or from Fiverr, etc.

Do they appear to be genuine, what does your instinctive gut feeling say to you about them?

The amount of Internet Marketing videos I have seen with paid actors hired out fancy cars, pretending to live the millionaire lifestyle to sell you some BS product or course that will never work is crazy. And the people who fall for this BS hook line and sinker is quite amazing, there are so many people out there who want success but due to ignorance bad advice or a lack of effort never achieve anything that they wanted from their online business.

As someone who has mentored quite a few people over the years one of the biggest mistakes I see people make is getting a mentor who could really help them achieve success and then communicating with their mentor, or taking the action steps their mentor tells them to take.

At the end of the day your mentor can impart knowledge how to run and create or run your business and save you years of making unnecessary trials and errors within your business, but mentors generally are busy people as they have multiple people who rely on them for coaching and mentorship.

So unfortunately unlike your parents, you can not expect them to carry you. If you don’t communicate with them or ask the right questions. If you do not ask them when you need advice chances are you will not get the benefits that you could have got from your business relationship.


And at the end of the day between being busy, managing other students, managing their own businesses and the fact that most mentors do not have psychic powers, it’s up to you to communicate with your questions, you really should not be afraid too as any mentor worth their salt will be more than happy to help you out unless they think that you are wasting their time unnecessarily.

The best thing you can do fo your mentor is to follow through on what they teach you even if you do it a bit late, as a mentor the best thing that you can achieve is to turn your students into success stories, so become that success story, offer to record a video testimonial for your mentor. And let them post it on their blog or website, not only will this boost your mentor’s credibility, but it will also get you some extra exposure and boost your credibility too.

I need to stipulate this as it is so important, not communicating or letting your mentor help you move your business forward could be the difference in your business between great success and total failure. So unless your mentor has done something terrible on you, just ask how can I continue to improve, how can I make more money in my business, how can I grow my following, how can I overcome my confidence issues and when they make a suggestion just do it, leave all the excuses to the side and get it done.

Just Remember You Can Make Money Or You Can Make Excuses But You Cannot Do Both

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How to find a mentor for your online business

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