How To Boost Your Sales And Following With Google Hangouts

How To Boost Your Sales And Following With Google Hangouts

When it comes to building your business or brand Google Hangouts are an awesome way to boost your business and get noticed by your prospective customers. There are a few things you should keep in mind also while using Google Hangouts especially if it is to promote your products businesses or services.

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Here Are Ten Tips To Help You Achieve Better Results From Your Live Hangout..

1. Be real- Most customers like to deal with real people and can see through pretense and garbage talk. So make sure you talk to them like you would talk to a friend rather than in a robotic manner..

2. Be interactive find out exactly what your target market are looking for and give them the information that they are looking for, or that they need.

3. If they need your product but don’t know it yet then let them know how, your product or service can benefit them or their business or lifestyle,health etc..

4. Make sure to produce some good Free content on the hangout,information and not just spend the whole hangout selling or pitching your clients as people do not like to be sold to.. They like to buy of their own free will.

5. Make sure you tell them all the benefits they will receive by becoming one of your customers or clients.

6. Overdeliver- Deliver more and better than what they expect and chances are they will become a lifelong customer going the extra mile will pay you great dividends in the future..

7. If you are doing a hangout with other business owners team members, make sure everyone get’s what they came for to make money get leads etc and it is set up in a fair manner so everyone gets their share of the profits ,clients,leads etc.,If you blatantly steal other members sales,business or subscribers it will not sit well with you on future business dealings..

8. Make sure you record the hangouts and leave the join button or buy button etc below the hangout video, That way you can have a passive income strategy working 24/7 long after the work is done..

9. Make sure at the end of or during the hangout you give a call to action at least three times. As the people watching may get distracted at some stage and miss your call to action.

10. This may sound really basic but is a mistake lots of people do, make sure you put a button or link below with a call to action telling your viewers what they need to do next or where they need to go..

One last tip for you is to create some interaction on your hangout by using Facebook comments or Livefyre if you are on You can download livefyre live commenting system by going to plugins in your WordPress Blog backoffice and typing in Livefyre in the search then follow instructions to install it to your blog it is pretty straight forward.


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How To Boost Your Sales And Following With Google Hangouts

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