Fiverr Outsourcing Tips

Fiverr Outsourcing Tips

There are a few people that overlook Fiverr for either making an extra income or even getting work done using Fiverr Services.  The truth of the matter is that there are lots of top professionals working on Fiverr.  And yes there are some clueless amateurs too.


With a little bit of common sense it is not difficult too be able to separate the amateurs from the professionals.  Quite often just a quick look through their testimonials will answer most of your questions.

People can not consistently deliver poor quality work and get great testimonials, one thing you can do is check the testimonials anyone who has been on Fiverr for a while and has lots of positive testimonials, will surely be likely to give you a great service.

And in the unlikely event that they do not. You have two choices you can ask them to rectify it until it meets your standards.  The worst case scenario is you lose a Fiver give them a bad rating for not delivering good work . And learn from experience not to use that provider again.

Though I have too say so far, most of my experiences on Fiverr Have been positive. A lot of people don’t consider using Fiverr to generate an income because they think a Fiver is not worth their time.  The great thing about Fiverr is that once you have a certain amount of sales and happy customers under your belt.

You get moved to higher levels the first level is called Level 1 Seller, Then Level 2 Seller and then If your Gigs and ratings are amazing you will get handpicked by Fiverr as a Top Seller.  Everytime you reach one of these income Levels your opportunity to make more money per sale increases as you rise through the levels.

As A Top Seller you can add up to four extras to your gig and for each extra you can actually charge up to $100 Each so technically that means from one Fiverr Gig you could make up to $400.  Of course the Gig You are selling should be worth the $400 or above what you are charging if you are going to get regular orders for it.

I was browsing through Fiverr yesterday and noticed how creative some of the new Gigs are in fact I would say to you whether you are a buyer or a seller. Someone wanting to get a job done for one of your clients.  Or just a funny song sang for one of your friends birthdays. Or looking to make some money from home via the internet without any other expenses.  Then I would definetely say if you are not already there. Then Fiverr is surely worth a visit even my 9 year old son makes money on Fiverr.  So why shouldn’t you make some money using Fiverr too?

Getting registered is quite simple you just fill out a form add a picture and you are done. The only other thing you require is a Paypal account to pay for Gigs. Or to get paid for your Gigs and you are all set, and ready to go.

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Fiverr Outsourcing Tips

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