Decline in Conventional News Sources Drives Media Group to Launch New Website

Decline in Conventional News Sources Drives Media Group to Launch New Website

New infographic shows how Internet news is gaining popularity.

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) November 07, 2011 President L.A. Gerson knows that more people get their news online than from television, radio or print. As a result, the company launched an elaborate news website aimed at letting businesses tout recent developments.

Studies by the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism showed that 41 percent of those surveyed get the majority of their news online. Advertising revenues online increased 23.2 percent to a record $ 14.9 billion in the first half of 2011, according to numbers released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers. The rate of growth more than doubled year over year, as last year’s first-half ad revenues of $ 12.1 billion had represented an 11.3 percent increase over 2009.

“I rely on the news, especially being able to jump on my smartphone or laptop and see what’s happening in the business community,” Gerson said. “Businesses are looking to the media to help leverage their brand, gain market share and outshine the competition … credibility is critical, along with educating your client.”

The average American in 2004 spent about six minutes per day reading news online. Today that number has jumped to nearly 15 minutes. Factoring in phones, social networks, email and podcasts, more than 44 percent of Americans said they regularly get news from a digital source.

“Online marketing isn’t an easy transition for many businesses, however, it is imperative for businesses to get their message out through the media,” Gerson said. “Internet news gives a local, national and global presence.”

A new infographic from examined the slide newspapers have taken the last few years as print journalists struggle to keep readers.

“While newspaper circulation is declining, traffic to local and national news sites increases every year,” Gerson explained.

The New York Times recently saw its online traffic increase by more than 18 million visitors per year. Each year nearly 12 million more visitors read

Gerson said she developed after traditional news sources began to suffer. She said she knew this would help business organizations hoping to gain higher rankings and build credibility through news profiles and relevant content. provides in-depth interviews for local and national companies and features a host of industry experts.

“We are thrilled to be part of the growth and development of a news franchise that will enable journalists, editors and media professionals to engage positively with the business community,” Gerson said. “Helping existing brands build momentum and gain market share online is where it’s at.”

According to David Hill, a public relations and marketing executive for Crowell Advertising, “this is a great website, which is laid out very nicely.”

“We are glad to have as a prevalent business news source to share with our clients, and we will be submitting press releases,” Hill said.

Crowell Advertising has 25 years experience, noted Gerson, who said she is excited at their positive review.

According to Gerson, “Every business should have an opportunity to be front and center in the news, and now, finally, we have created that level-playing field.”

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