*Clip Of Week* – Embrace, Love And Cherish The Word ‘NO’ Instead Of Avoiding It (LET’S CHANGE THE WAY WE DO THINGS!!)

The clip of the week comes from the film titled ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’, watch how the cold-callers embrace rejection instead of allowing it to stop them. 

The Pursuit of Happiness is a 2006 American drama film based on the true story of Chris Gardner, a homeless salesman, and single father. The film was directed by Gabriele Muccino and stars Will Smith as Gardner, alongside co-stars Thandie Newton, Jaden Smith, and Brian Howe.

Gardner is a sales guy who is struggling to make ends meet until he lands a coveted internship at a brokerage firm. He juggles his work and parenting responsibilities in order to give himself a better life for himself and his son. The Pursuit of Happiness explores the struggles Gardner faces with poverty, homelessness, and the uphill battle of attempting to make his dreams come true while taking care of his son.

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