Motivation Is One Of The Keys To Success.

Motivation Is One Of The Keys To Success.

When it comes to your business motivation can move you on to do miraculous things.

In fact one of the biggest factors I have heard about from a variety of entrepreneurs was high levels of motivation.  The truth is that most people who are in their comfort zone won’t jump out of it without a good reason.

I have heard so many stories of successful people who had their back against the wall before they truly started achieving success.  One internet marketer I know went bankrupt a few weeks before he had his first big online success.   I remember him saying I thought it would be the end of the world I dreaded the moment but when I walked out of court I realised.

I still have my brain, I have my list and I have my ideas and mindset on how I can make money. He said I am still alive he got motivated and success happened what seemed like practically overnight.

Unfortunately the same way that motivation can be such a huge factor in success stories. A lack of motivation is what keeps 95% of people unsuccessful.  I have lost count of the amount of people I have seen in this business that just quit and give in on their dreams.  Even before they hit a hurdle in many cases they just don’t even take the first step. Which is complete madness.

Motivation Finds You
Motivation Finds You


Things that can motivate people could be things like.

Someone telling you that you would never amount to anything in life.

Being fired from a job and making a decision that you will never put yourself in a position where someone will ever be able to fire you again.

Having a young family dependant on you.

Having a sick friend or relative who needs your help or finances to get better.

Being talked down too by someone because of your lack of money.

Making a decision to buy your dream home.

Making the decision to own your home outright.

Deciding to buy a new car.

A relative or friend who puts you down.

Motivation Is One Of The Keys To Success
Motivation Is One Of The Keys To Success

What is your why?

Yes what is the reason why you have to be successful?

If your reason why is stronger than your reason why not then you have a great chance of success if you make that decision.

If you are doing a business because you want more money, but you enjoy watching soaps on TV more than you want more money then you will end up broke or on a low income.

If on the other hand you promised your Fiancee that you where getting married in Niagara Falls next year and you knew the trip was going to cost you 30k then you would be watching less TV and working your butt off to make the money on time.

If you knew you had a sick child who needed $20,000 to heal a deadly illness for them to live then there would be a huge likely hood that you would succeed because it is a life or death scenario.

Let’s put it this way if your only motivation is to get $100 in your pocket at the end of the week.  Then you are more likely to sit on your butt and watch TV while claiming benefits than going to the effort of creating a successful online business.


I was talking to a friend of mine recently who is a psychologist and she was saying that for a while she has moved from working with high paying clients to people on benefits.  A lot of these people come from maybe three generations of people who have or are all on benefits.  They also can have some other problems too.

The thing is that many of them do not have any aspirations to become successful, many of them just want their drugs or their beer or just to sit in front of the television and pass their time away. And get their money every week. They go to whatever appointments or job interviews they are told to in order to keep getting their benefits.

I always remember something I heard a long time ago you will have on average the income of the 5 people you spend the most time with.   So if your closest friends are all on benefits chances are you may be too.

On the other hand if some of your close friends are millionaires you might be or be on your way to becoming a millionaire too.

But first of all you need to know your reasons why you have to be successful or reach a certain goal.


Of course as well as being motivated you need to change the motivation into action to start driving your plan or life forward.  Motivation is great but motivation without action alot  of the time will accomplish very little if you do not remember the action part.

I have lost count of the number of times I have seen people going to a personal development seminar ready to change the world and three or 4 weeks later they have done nothing.  They are back to where they where before they went to the seminar.

One of the ways that I get regular motivation and surround myself with people who make a lot of money was by joining this business a couple of years ago.

Yes I could just hang around my local neighbourhood but instead I chose  seek out other successful people that will helped me grow.


Question is what is your next step my friend feel free to post your comments below 🙂


Motivation Is One Of The Keys To Success.

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