Where Did I Dissappear Too? Happy New Year Everyone.

Where Did I Dissappear Too? Happy New Year Everyone.

A few weeks ago my No4 son Xander Bassakaropoulos was born I spent a few days at the hospital after lots of scaremongering there I will be doing a post about at a later date. Of course with a newborn it takes a while for them to get settled and I wanted to spend as much time as possible with him so I cancelled business over the last few weeks.   Apart from a few pictures or a quote here and there.

One of the great things about running your own online business is you get to decide when you work and when you can take off and enjoy those precious life’s moments (Priceless)  If you are one of my Facebook friends you have probably seen them as I have been called a new name recently. Babyspammer lol..

But anyway he is such a character and so cute I couldn’t resist even if it gets me to become a baby spammer.

I haven’t made New Year Resolutions as they are made to be broken, but have lots of plans for upcoming trainings and information webinars coming shortly for people on my team or on the correct mailing list 🙂

Hoping you all had a great Christmas and a fantastic start to the New Year.

While you are reading this I will probably be at my fortnightly accountability class in Maghera.


It is a great idea to have other people to hold you accountable for the things you have planned to do and I will be doing that with my team on our upcoming webinars this year just message me on FB for a link if you are a member of my team or any of my businesses.

And as I surely don’t want to disappoint you I am going to leave you today with another load of Baby Spam..





Where Did I Dissappear Too? Happy New Year Everyone.

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