10 Reasons Why You Don’t Make Any Money Online

10 reasons why you don’t make any money online.

Today I would like to talk about 10 reasons why you are not making money on the Internet.  many people treat their Internet business like a hobby and because of this it pays them like a hobby.

10 Reasons Why You Don't Make Any Money Online

in fact in many cases it does not pay them at all, The fact is it’s easy to blame the Internet or blame the gurus that you’ve been listening to for your failure,

but the truth is unfortunately that it’s down to you and only you to become a success or a failure on the Internet.  So what is it going to be?

  1. Treating your business like Hobby is a very big mistake and will keep you broke.
  2.  blaming someone else for your success or failure, it is not up to your mentor to do the work for you it’s up to you and only you .
  3.  making excuses as one of the biggest reasons for people to fail. If you make excuses you’re generally lying to yourself or are looking for an easy way out instead of accepting full responsibility For the consequences of what you have and haven’t done.
  4.  expecting other people to come to your aid, thinking that your friends, family or spouse will try to help you build your business is wishful thinking and in most cases will not happen so don’t expect that. then you won’t feel let down
  5.  You don’t get A successful mentor. Trying to be cheap and not paying anyone to teach you what you need to learn,will end up costing you a lot of time. Which in the long run will also cost you a lot of money, so finding a good mentor is essential if you wanna learn the skills necessary to boost your business online in a hurry.
  6. Being cheap and not investing to buy the things you need for your business, will keep you broke guaranteed.
  7. Choosing the wrong mentor or picking a mentor that takes large sums of your money and sends you a few online videos.  And spends no personal time looking at, or helping you with your business.
  8. Saying I cannot afford it when things you really need come your way, rather than asking the question. How can I afford it.
  9. Not making a list of what you have to do and when it needs to be done by.  How can you do the things you need to do when you do not know, or remember what things you actually have to do.
  10. The grass is greener on the other side syndrome.  This is a huge one,millions of people do this daily, chasing the next big business opportunity or the latest business. Looking to make a Zillion dollars on autopilot without lifting a finger.  Instead of buying into a business and working the business they have they chase opportunity after opportunity often spending hundreds or thousands to join each one. And having success in none of them.
  11. I almost forgot 😉 not actually setting up an online business that can capture names and emails and take payments or affiliate programs, will guarantee that you remain broke. Even the simplest of people realise that you need to send someone to a shop to buy stuff whether it is a real shop or an online shop it works the same way. If your shop is closed then the chances are your income sucks..

Watch your language!! I recently had someone tell me they couldn’t afford to get me to help them to setup their online business and create their website for £297 ..  A few days later they spent a couple of grand to go to a live webinar course, pretty sure they will get no 1 on 1 support or help for the money.  From someone with less experience in their online business than me.  But when people put the fear factor in to part you with your money it works.  I don’t sell by fear, being fearful of being a slave for an employee for the rest of your life should be enough to create your fear.  Without me telling you this offer is only open to the next ten people.


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Remember if you decide you cannot afford it you are right.  You have made a conscious decision to act like a broke person. And that is how you will remain while you continue to operate in this mindset.

Better Question to ask yourself is How can I afford it..

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